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Thinks we are thanks for criminals they barred all the capital not allowing us to even he slowly regress our differences he's treating us like criminals for claiming our constitutional rights president trump was out golfing at his course in sterling Virginia Saturday it was his first visit to one of his privately owned courses since the corona virus outbreak intensified a barbecue sack hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong to March against China's proposed tougher national security legislation for the city correspondent Anna corn is there multiple rounds have been fine the place behind me I just raised in a sign saying that you can be arrested if you still congregating assigned when I believe it only is saying that they will use north Korea's leader Kim Jong moon convened a key military meeting to discuss bolstering its nuclear arsenal and putting the country's strategic armed forces on high alert according to state media it was Kim's first known public appearance in about twenty dates Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu becomes the country's first sitting leader ever to go on trial Netanyahu is set to March into Jerusalem's District Court for arraignment on a series of corruption charges on Sunday sep what's trending on W. B. A. T. and W. P. H. P. dot com I'm can Jeffrey from the worker brothers Ruben W. B. A. T. twenty four seven newsdesk students at the university of Texas at Arlington will not have to pay certain fees due to the pandemic you TA says it's waiving mandatory student fees for recreation facilities intercollegiate athletics the student union and shuttle bus services for the summer twenty twenty semester the university said they hope the temporary elimination of the fees help the students deal with the economic impact of the corona virus pandemic the university said other fees that will still be charged provide for essential university functions for support long term costs for some services Steve coming W. B. A. P. twenty four seven news according to news eight surgeries and procedures delayed for several weeks due to the call that nineteen pandemic have resumed at places like Baylor Scott and white completing the journey for North Texas elementary school receptionist and the parent of a student to agree to help save her life Sandra Danielson is the front office receptionist that's online is like an elementary school who says she was on dialysis for five years due to a congenital birth defect that would eventually need to the necessity of a kidney transplant what about Brian you know in my faith in god I wouldn't be here today she told the station via computer that she's talking about Brian Roach the dad of the fifth grader at likens elementary for his part Roche told the station you know when god calls you don't wanna go one answer in a few months ago when school was still in session Roach walked into the school office with a bouquet of flowers and I looked up and it was fans and I lost it when the drive is there it is.

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