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Original Ronald McDonald was Willard Scott. This is one of those trivia questions I've known for years. But now Willard Scott passed away today age 87, the original Ronald McDonald. He also did something else. Oh, he was a radio guy. That's it. Um, he he passed away. He was the original Ronald McDonald. That was one of those fantastic trivia questions that I knew the answer to was a neo weatherman to on TV somewhere. The Today's show he was the one that always did. This is who's 100 years old. That that was his thing. Oh, yeah, Yeah, yeah. My wife and I were talking about that today because I got breaking news that he passed away and my wife goes. Oh, everybody loves Willard Scott and I go Yes, they do. And then, when Willard Scott retired We all thought. How are they going to replace Willard Scott? They found l rocker. Who have you ever met anybody That doesn't love l broker l Rooker is like the nicest guy they went from Willard Scott. Super Super Nice guy, too. Al rocker, super duper Nice guy. Just incredibly lovely people that have had you know the Today she has had this tradition of having really great weatherman here for the last 50 years. Incredible. So Willard Scott passing away age 87. He was the original Ronald McDonald. But now everybody's gonna talk about that. So now it's no longer a tribute question where I feel superior intellect. Everyone else. Now I just feel average again. Mhm. You ever go driving down the road and you see a cyclist? And you think that's cool? They're out exercising. Look at them. They're being green. They're not. They're not burning or combustion engine. They're wearing clothes that none of us would ever wear in public. But they're doing it and somehow they're pulling it off. Well, then, cyclists. Hey, look, I stop saying Oh, look, a cluster of bicycles. Oh, look, It's an absolute mess at that intersection. New law, California. The law is the biker yield bill. All right, the biker yield build Uh, CBS in the Bay area had the story about bicycles and bicyclists. And their, um their new yield law, single bicycle by physical. I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bike. Just wanted an excuse to play Queen. Is that wrong? Because that's how I roll. All right. Here's the story.

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