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One now you can get a first now good in the NBC on the call if you want to sign no if you want to teach someone how to be a great broadcaster and I love al Michaels and cris Collinsworth hall of fame game is not it like they just ignored long stretches of time in that past dream on Jones they had a come back from commercial break it go all by the way this happened but it is what it is right it's a television show and when it's and when it's a television show where nothing in it matters to the general audience kind of tough well I would imagine that the broadcasters just gonna take next year's game off right because the how many hall of Famers there's there's going to be in writing either gonna have to interview during the game because that's what they do during the game I'm gonna sound like a total hypocrite players only hall of fame game let's see what let's do it let's have George Wallem shuffle of the different all favors are right and next year yeah go ahead and talk in analyze the game for us once you Troy Polamalu and then you could say back in my day right exactly right eight years ago I but we care much about what happened on the hall of fame game because it's the Broncos right they end up while winning the game it was not an offense of shoot out but there were some neat moments to one Winfrey making that cats there I will I look at two guys Winfrey and then also all call funny Muhammad as two young guys on the low down on the depth chart that did themselves a lot of good I mean it's not like Winfrey made a ton of catches but when you make one like that people notice some people remember and you have two guys that are in a very young position group a position group that's not really that settled and you look at those guys and say Hey maybe they can make a roster maybe just one win free can be won the last wide receivers on this team and then you look at probably the player the game call funny Muhammad and you say look they just brought into the Reddick they obviously don't love the depth of this running back room and if call funny Muhammad can I have another game and another good game all the sun maybe he's the third string guy so I think it was important for those two guys the real winner of Thursday though was Vic Fangio plain hurt coaching hurt still had it pass the kidney stone that all of Colorado has been talking about for last week white I looked at the Broncos more than anything else and you could put stock into things you could not put stock in other things what I've looked at what I came away most impressed by was I didn't see a team that made stupid penalties Broncos were the second most penalized team in the NFL last year and a lot of those because someone kept track let me give them credit where is the I may have close the window so they don't all wait no I got it right here and now my windows freezing up football D. B. dot com I assume that stands for database and not something else that DB because that sounds nice football the B. dot com is my website I anyway they kept track of these things Broncos second most penalized team in the NFL and a whole lot of false starts whole Lotta holdings this team was not disciplined at all for the past two seasons in the biggest thing that I took away from Thursday was that the Broncos were disappoint they didn't play great at times I thought drew lock was not good Brett ripping was an amazing jawan Winfrey catch away from being equally not good Kevin Hogan was forgettable the biggest impact was done by call funny Muhammad who's a roster bubble guy but what I come away with I say look you saw more disciplined team in a game where you could see a lot of penalties and a lot of undisciplined play the Broncos were pretty tight what we count to yeah there is a one false are and one delay game no that that's an opening drive for Vance Joseph Broncos academy yep so that's first two plays right exactly right so that's the biggest takeaway from the Broncos on Thursday night and that leaves us with store number three Mr be was so a selfless never one in the spotlight for himself while working behind the scenes make an impact not only with.

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