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Football talk dot com is the empire initially the report was flaco sideline three to six weeks later that night florio came back with it's a week to week issue if you'll flaco is going to play in a week why sunny called the catholic because if you pick them up and then cut him it appears that you might have had an agenda and this was all about a pr win at the same time if anybody touches them and i don't think it's going to happen you know the predictable response and we got acknowledgement from mike silver nfl network posting it on if old i come last night of the ravens quote of heard from numerous fans regarding capita could last couple of days many staunchly opposed to assigning and this goes back to what john mehra said about the giants that he got letters from his season ticket holders indicating it any of his players wore to emulate catholic they're never coming to games again so unless this is a significant injury for flaco and we don't know i like cabinets going anywhere baltimore makes sense for some transparent reasons the harbaugh connection ryan mahlatse number two on the depth jordan that is just the guy ozzie news of the hall of fame gm he's i think could be in pervious to any backlash and i'm not comparing the situations other than how the team preceded but the ravens stood by ray lewis much better player in a vastly different circumstance and they did not make moves based on public perception at the time and in fairness no ray was able to clear up that legal matters so baltimore cap predict would make sense if there is a need but i'm not convinced that necessity exists and if it doesn't happen now i'll is playing i think a lot of you would be pleased by that outcome because he offended your sensibilities of ways that are understandable especially given the political climate in 2017 coming up axis knows that the packers he improve enough in the offseason to make a super bowl run we'll check in with bill huber packer report dot com it's the brian weber show here on nbc sports radio.

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