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Right so waiting for Karla Sparta to come on 'em. As well as for mccorkell all right so now, everyone How good Mike Tyson look right? The my Tyson video the fifteen. The bread and we talked about that right well now now banner Holyfield. made a video and he said he's back to so now. They're gonNA. Make Tyson holyfield three. I. Don't know about this guys. They're both old right release. They're both really old. One old asked you to against Jon Jones I mean that's the other thing. Why not have a seniors division of everything I mean if people want to see him? I mean look Jordan malls. All is play basketball again. People want to see it, so we get paid to see it I don't see why they shouldn't do it and we still have stamina you know. It's like three on three kind of became. People were watching. Those guys who are still good the three on three guys and they weren't. Anyone going to talk about. You know Cadel Tito three. On golden boy a May! Like we're going at no, they're not nobody's reference. That ever was going to say that. Chuck Lavelle beat Dido twice when accounted. People still paid to see it. Rewrite people right people so right. You're right, but at the same time I don't know about this Tyson Holyfield and they're gonNA. Win Again this thing I think he. This guy has holyfield's. has his number. And I want ice in a win. I do I. Just don't know if it'd be holyfield again, are ever he never be on the first time? This point, it's a full reset so. They're not the same people they were bottling, so it doesn't I mean it's a full reason who else. was in a biologist, his hearing aid. But nobody spent seriously either. Pay For jokes I their walk into the ring today. It's an air on the his four. Bottles filled with metamucil. Yeah, I mean for comedy purposes shore. Have this fight all night long I'm GonNa make fucking one after another. They're going to have a ramp on the way in there, but at the. Walk away. Going to be wearing the. Yeah. Working for the fighters, I mean there's. This. Back Out! Again. This is going to be great for that. Sure, please at the same time I think what we feel though has been staying training the whole time. He hasn't left the gym. Tyson took like fifteen years off. So I don't know. I don't even know if it's a full reset. I gotta take off, but it was like here in thirty minutes. I gotTA take. As. Zoom. What's up? People with currently? No NBA NHL MLB. You might think Ben on well. You'd be.

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