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A has for Abba. Maria Gomez. Oh man can't wait to see how does in in the Sequester House urine the sequester? You're in your house right. That's it though. Like there isn't a thing your call at that that crumble. That was real Bob. Got Me very excited. Tony Vodkas not man. This is this is very real argument about that out. I'm just saying that. This is wild smile stuff and we get when we get to the to the season. Forty winner rankings in the evolution of strategy. I think that's going to be very a very exciting moment. The see where Tony Lance. Yeah one Josh. In week six it was another one of legend who earned his first wombats. Hat of this competition here is Alex G. Yeah here we go okay. Alex G is track number twelve. My wife on survivor apparently really does the Mary. Class kids big parties. Boston rob says stop so that when we had this season to Jeff drope. That'll get him out of here. I know you Never WanNa bring the winters out totally get both parents out. Then we can have a party and you can have a show. What's it called when a war though? Montejo Weysan home is season forty. Don't worry about staying out on edge. We'll be fine really really hard for us to leave. The kids have time to hunker naughty over there on the house like he's the man posing great fries. Production walked in. We didn't recognize said fellows. Yo you gotta get out kids. It's hard to go to.

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