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You don't want it. You don't need it but you're gonna get it anyway. The kevin is kevin. I right tommy. Sierra and i am here Took the day off yesterday. May take another day or two off this week. I'm off from radio vacation. Time for radio and somebody. Tommy asked me. Well if you're doing the podcast. Why can't you do the radio show. Well i'm on vacation technically even though it's not a real vacation because i'm moving i've been moving over the weekend. Boy that's fun and the difference between the radio show in the podcast. Is the radio show. I have to wake up at four fifteen every morning so it's nice to be able to sleep in all the way to about five forty five or six seriously. My wife was like. Are you not gonna sleep in. And i said i just did getting populace your wife on that. I don't get. I mean you know what i you know how late i slept yesterday. I know you sleep ten thirty. I know you sleep a lot. And that's good it's healthy. I've never been a late sleeper. Not since college. I mean there were many nights where you rolled in you know at four or five and you slept until one or two in the afternoon and you got up by the way then watched all my children one life to live general hospital if you're a college student of the eighty s Like i am. But that aside. No i i can't do it anymore. I've never been a super late sleeper. To begin with But for me to sleep until about six honestly six fifteen is it it. It's a world of difference world of difference. Good yeah i'm happy for you. You know what i think. The key is most people. I know who can't sleep once they wake up Their mind starts going about what they've gotta do that day. That's what happens you know what's and not me. I t i well. There's not a whole lot up there right there you go. You can sleep longer. Yes so i wanted to start off the show with what i think. Is you know some optimism from from training camp yesterday. according to one of the beat reporters taylor heineke dropping dimes dropping dimes for emphasis puts a pretty ball. Right in de'andre carter's breadbasket working an out route to the right side of the end zone. And he got his foot in they gotta get to feed in you know in the nfl. So i don't know if it was a completed pass or not a completed. Pass the next play. Heineke hit a wide open steven sims. For an easy pass touchdown. So i don't know i i've been reading. All of these tweets coming out of training camp. Starting last week in richmond. And i am really getting fired up for this season. I mean he's dropping dimes. Haven't the rest of the nfl miss this guy. Yeah it l d miss them for all these years you know twenty eight years old. He said the best kept secret. In football ke's twenty years there. I think he's nine. Oh you kidding hold on a you might be right. You might be right. He's twenty eight my fault he just turned twenty correct. You know it actually. And i know we again. We kid because we love. I hear hard on these guy i. I'm not hard on them. I find it hysterically funny because they are doing what they're supposed to doing be doing and there's clearly an audience for some of it but don't count me in on being the serious part of the audience with that said though tommy. I was thinking about this one thing. I don't know if i've ever been less like sure about anything involving this football team. And it's not just because of the last week with kobe because we're forty something days away from the regular season but i just like i could see five and twelve. No i could see six and eleven. And i guess i could see eleven in six. I mean that's a stretch for me. Because i think if everything went well ten and seven is more likely the number but may be a playoff spot. A wildcard playoff spot. But everything would have to turn out to be like the most hopeful ending. You know of of what. We're thinking right now ryan fitzpatrick. Wow what did he live up to or exceed antonio gibson was even better in year. Two than we thought chase. Young was a monster in year. Two how about the return of matt. I notice in that jamie davis my god who knew and at the same time like it's this organization. It's not the default you know. It's not the surgeon general's warning it is just that there is so much we also don't know like for those that are absolutely convinced this is going to be a dominant defense. Y it has talent. it's well coached. But it wasn't dominant last year and they've added some pieces but that doesn't mean it's going to be dominant offensively. What if ryan fitzpatrick is what you think. He's going to be which is on the verge of looking old. I mean there is so much and by the way you can say this about twenty five to twenty seven teams probably season but i sort of feel like because of the optimism. The increased optimism. As i've been saying probably the most since two thousand thirteen. I feel like for me. It's not like super optimistic. It's super coin. Flip ish a lot of. Nfl seasons are that. I understand that but this one. I'm not. I'm not on the side of this is really going to be a lot of fun to watch. These guys like this has a chance to be the season. I don't feel that way. I feel like i have no idea what's going to happen. None.

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