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Editor's desk I'm Taylor fansites deadlines are watching this afternoon the president calling the impeachment process of big fat hoax making a remark after the house announced they're going to try and remove him from office meanwhile house speaker Nancy Pelosi compared the president to former president Richard Nixon on the campaign trail today a big gaps for former vice president Joe Biden former secretary of state John Kerry is endorsing him as the opponent to beat president trump one fifteen now and call mom the investigation continues at joint base Pearl Harbor Hickam after a shooter killed two civilians and himself yesterday this is rear admiral Robert Chadwick speaking about the apparent shooter have confirmed he is active duty sailor ABC's Alex stone is covering the investigation and joins us on the call one news line Alex what are we learning this afternoon well the last hour show Taylor we learned a lot more according to sources the shooter was twenty two years old and his last name was Romero and initial incident report that we now have a copy of your says if the sailor opened fire on the shipyard workers using his M. for service rifle and then he used to them nine service pistol shooting himself in the head committing suicide he was down when Americans to respond is got there his three victims had been shot two of them died wanted in stable condition at a hospital right now in Honolulu but the motive for this is done no like so many of the actor shooters recently they do not know the military today saying that they are beginning to piece this together the end and C. I. S. is investigating it they've got the lead the FBI is assisting in C. I. S. with anything that the naval investigators may need but as of this point they are working on trying to figure out the why he was assigned to U. S. S. Columbia submarine the dry docked right now you're getting routine maintenance done but why do you carry this out that they don't know Alex you know it it's not common that some on base would have two weapons with them was he on security detail of some kind that we also don't know right now would that be a crime from to bring a personal weapon Hey Lisa unapproved personal weapon on the base but why did he have his M. four and he is the I am nine there is some indication he may have been doing security there round the submarine in the dry dock area it seems like there what about other security with them so that it's not real clear right now but the reason he may have been armed otherwise he typically would not of an armed may have been doing security but at this point the military's not confirming that they're not clarifying that at all of what was his role why was he there at the submarine in dry dock why was he armed we don't know it's still very much an operating joint base there at Pearl Harbor while a lot of us think about the nineteen forty one attacks anonymous with the name of the harbor it's about to be a really busy time of year there for Hawaii yeah we're only two days away from the seventy eighth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor there is a big ceremony that's planned in the coming days and the bass says that they are looking over their security plans they're making sure that they don't need to make any changes to them because of what just went on but this is really shaken folks up that obviously they've got these big anniversary coming up now they're dealing with this as well the dead dead that there are those who are emotional those who may need counseling services those have been made available to those on base today they can go in and see counselors in several different locations but this is been a trying twenty four hours or so a little less than twenty four hours a they've been dealing with this ABC's Alex stone with us on come on news Alex thank you he got it back there new statistics on hate crime in America seem to contradict themselves the number of individual crimes motivated by race religion or sexual orientation fell in twenty eighteen for the first time in four years but there is a bus A. B. C.'s Jim Ryan reports that the violence involved in those crimes has intensified the case of a gay man in Boston viciously attacked yesterday by a neighbor yelling slurs illustrates a troubling trend he had a trouble and he hit me with the troubles and that's when he won his pocket he pulled out the box cutter slashing his face the FBI says two thousand eighteen so the most hate motivated violent offenses in seventeen years including twenty four murders that's up from fifteen the year before Jim Ryan ABC news it's one twenty eight como time for her fell insurance business update from Jim chess go a new and distinct problem has been discovered in airbags made by the now bankrupt company Takata which has led to a least one death the recently discovered malfunction is different than the defect that led to a lease twenty four deaths but it still can cause airbags to explode and hurl shrapnel to cut his adding about one point four million front driver inflators to recalls in the U. S. B. M. W. was warning owners of some older three series cars to stop driving them you have to wait a while Ford but target will be opening a new store in the heart of New York city's Times Square the retailers as the small format store about thirty thousand square feet we'll be on west forty second street between seventh and eighth avenues inside Tishman spires he walks complex that's currently being renovated that's your money now on Wall Street the closing numbers stayed positive through the day although just slim gains the Dow higher by twenty eight points a tenth of a percentage to twenty seven thousand six seventy seven the nasdaq up by four point eight thousand five seventy the S. and P. five hundred up four and a half points to three thousand one seventeen money news a twenty and fifty past the hour on como traffic is next.

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