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Lightning is a super cool network. When proof of state starts happening we may see some may start doing some things there If you WANNA get geeky about it Minero Arrow is about to move away from. GP US to CPU mining only. Oh Wow wow. I didn't know that I gotta get minor culture. Yeah this is awesome and so hopefully no promises but we're working on getting it so that your device can potentially dual mine and Mine Minero. Cyo Go L. Sung Jeep. Let's go there. Played how women who shared that with you know. I'm honored and I appreciate that but I love I really. I really can feel y'all the company's excitement like coins got this energy around it and you should be very proud of this too because you know as I As I became aware well I mean again. I heard of what you guys are doing mainly from pumps twitter and you know Among a few other places but at not really paid attention to it. Just 'cause it just I'm so so busy there's very few things and it wasn't until I mentioned Parker brought to my attention where I was like. Wow and I love that somebody new as you alluded to a second ago you you know somebody new caught. That got caught his eye and he went into it now. Typically what we see in the crypto space as as I as I said earlier is that this would almost be a gimmick in the nature type of sale. Right we would see a cloud mining service or we'd see something it's a good product. You guys have been doing this long enough. Now you've got credible credible double investors. You've got people who are putting their names on it like pop who's got a lot to lose you know it's not you don't have. You're not striving to define credibility you. You were built the credibility which I think is such a completely different style of what Crypto has been known to be and so it makes it very easy for me to be excited about what you guys do now. Now I mean. Let's not be. Let's be honest here. Let's not pretend like everything so so easy I mean how long is this. I mean my actually GonNa make any money. Like how long do I going to have to wait wait. What is the risk here? Yeah that's a good question so part of the thing we wanted to it. There's crypto apologize. Yes you want onto accomplish here a dirty pot via there's a couple things under governor one make it easy for people who already were have decided they wanna do it. We're not as interested in convincing. Someone who thinks crypto horrible. Churn that it's that it's great and they have to spend their money on a coin. Might what we the thought was. There are making millions of people. Who would be doing this? But they don't have the time because time is money and I wrote an article on Hacker noon call about how coin mine is the lowest total cost of ownership. Because if you actually take the time that it takes do this type of stuff into account which you know time is money you could go and drive an uber and make some money or you could bash your head against building a computer for an entire weekend and you could probably make enough money driving guber in a couple of weekends to buy yourself a mine but you still wouldn't have built a minor in that time? Some people can some people can don't want to so we want them to service that market because we figured figured out bring a lot more you know. The success crypto and a lot of people. Just want it so we wanted to know we wanted it for ourselves. We want easy so we built what we wanted on it and so it's impossible to say when anything will make you rich or return itself. You're making crypto. The day the moment you plug it in and so I do you think about it from that perspective. It's it's it's earning you crypto immediately. You don't have to wait for that if you want. You can transfer it out and sell somebody on Autumn Exchange Or you can or you can hold it right and I'm a little bit. Yeah whether it's Bitcoin or Dren the purpose purpose of the coin minds and make it easy for people to participate and to take away that time that they spent on you know a building and maintaining device on on their own so we feel like we achieve that goal You know we're super happy about that. The economics everyone has to bring. I put it this way you have. After Green. The financial analysis in electricity yourself will make it easy. You provide the financial analysis. And I understand your your your for your safety Words there too. You know I mean like we're we're all in a situation including myself you know where you know. We're not financial advisers you have a product. This is what it does does. And you've got to be very careful on on promising over promising because you know you wanNA sustain a certain type of integrity and you know pretending like you know you know the answers would be would be foolish and you either learn lessons already or you are smart enough to never have to learn them and And I and I can obviously appreciate that to to a large extent. Now you know I I think about every product in the space as is this. Is this actually building this bridging. The gap is this making something and you fit every bill When it comes to you know actually providing a service and a product that does these things? What do you think you know is Is Holding people back you know what are what are some of the some of the feedback you've gotten from like Oh yeah I like it. I mean what what is usually just like people reese lazy or maybe don't have the money or you know what. What is the reason for not getting one? I think people aren't sure. Sure about crypto and and you know it's still very early in crypto one of the things. We tried hard to do was to get the price down of an entry price you know more people could afford..

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