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At a Chicago deejay steward of Whitney Young High School, same program that produced Jalil Okafor for the Blue Devils. Stuart 11 points in the ball game as he studies for the free throw. It is up and it's good. He'll learn the bonus. So now an attempt to give Duke the lead with 207 remaining. The Devil's trying to snap a two game losing streak. They have not lost three in a row since January of 2016 2nd free throw bounces around the rim and drops through and Duke is on top. 63 62. Charlie Jones takes the inbounds pass immediately calls out the set. Jones up to the timeline. Gold wire is right with him. Jones directing traffic is he crosses into the front court inside two minutes to go now, Jones with a ball out front dribbles left Jones of the foul line down the left side of the lane, and he got fouled. Charlie Jones working his way inside. Oh, now is gonna go against two and that's Matthew hurt and that is Number five Hurt, has fouled out of the ballgame with 1 50 to go. Don't hurt, just got his arm extended. And he hit Jones up around the face. It was kind of inadvertent. Jones sold it. Tonight, and he'll go to the foul feel like the foul. Was not on Matthew hurt. I thought the fouls It was on worldwide coming in from the back side because it was gold wire who hit the left arm of Jones that caused Jones to then lose the basketball. So Matthew hurt fouls out with 24 points. Very efficient offensively today for her nine of 13 from the floor four or five from beyond New York. He also had eight rebounds in the ball game. Tonight's broadcast of N C. A. A basketball on Westwood Waters intended solely for the private, noncommercial use of our audience. Any reproduction, retransmission or other use of this broadcast without the express written consent of Clearfield AMG College in Westwood one. Is strictly prohibited. This is what I love about the MBA. Most other things was. Is that how they're constantly and it reflects changing, you know, adapting. I think this is where college should have a coach's challenge,.

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