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The old standby i'll put this year she can come back and get this lovely frame thing with all the lights on it and adam ray what he plug dude i'll be able to make season of american vandal on netflix law that's that's cool yeah such a good show yeah it's awesome the sex seasons bonkers and i have a podcast called about last night with brad williams all my tour dates for stand up or my website adam ray comedy dot com and i'll see you at the next t swift show i'm sure oh my god i mean it just follow her around you really are now i might see if you more shows that summer but the next one until august take a little break kind of home down because i was last night was so exciting feel like a few more is still a lot yeah it's stupid yeah i'm not proud of it how much i enjoy taylor swift shows but have you tweeted at her but they're a are you embarrassed i i use use her name and as i was doing it i thought people used to be like what the fuck dog that she's not going to respond to you quick story i did a movie called the greatest movie ever ruled and we did this opening sequence in the opening credits where it was really super slow motion of me smoking pot and blowing the weed out and it was these super slovo cameras and looked really cool great opening titles sequence those developed by friends ryan and sharon and then they also worked with taylor swift on some of our tv specials when she did tv specials and they were editing my show in her show at the same time and she was there to help with the her show and she looked at the monitor with me blowing smoke in slow motion and she said who is that and they said that stuck benson and she said.

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