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No it's a radio station i say you are because they knew you were lying to me you you radio because even mine we've been married her ninth you've been hired type of oh for your you can turn around i mean you've been lined david cohen higher time about dating push me to do i quit kathy thank you oh good this is your new she you didn't would you're making me work like a complete fool a complete we'll talk to me about it i have been trying to ask you about all these dating website then popping up on our computer and you acting like i like people are putting your information nobody can put a fake profile why would do that i i'm eating mary worse than living with my mother nagging me about things either you are you are i cannot believe what do you think if you're supposed to do beer you get whatever my my my buddies you don't do anything in a merry that is like a real marriage pointless completely pointless i don't even want to talk to your microphone i'm i'm done with this so he later oh cassi who russ uh well said you knew this hurt more that you actually no no no i mean near like i knew i knew this is happening but i just have a child i cannot believe you being i mean like i'm for the way in front turning around like it's my fault yeah that's apart that's really messed up aziz disturbing that he was so angry you for catching him cheating right i mean no one has been a line through the entire term mary i'm telling you two weeks after we were married i started feeling like he was doing that like you don't want to believe it because still weeks after married yeah i mean and my father it's not here it's not my fault all i can say something yeah yeah it sounds like get we're sorry sorry all right well if there's anything that we can do i think we've done mass at this point but if there's anything we can you let us know okay okay thank you all right thank you one of the most yeah significant others not being able to investigations ars amber she's lexington wh what's obama amber i love.

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