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I think the Averill Levin song is appropriate complicated because if you're like me, it's been a lot of time yesterday trying to unpack what this deal means, the Spurs sending a letter to the Toronto Raptors and getting the star. I think a bona fide star in return and demar derozan neither star is apparently happy about the deal. Even though one of them we, we never really hear from the total package Leonard and Danny green traded to Toronto for demar Rosen Yaacob, Pertile, and a protected two thousand nineteen. First round pick. We'll hear from Gregg Popovich here in just a second, but this is this really is one of the more. Bizarre trades we've had in a very long time ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst agrees this is one of the more bizarre star trays I've seen. In the last fifteen years covering the NBA because we don't know. About Kuwait Leonard's health that's a really important factor here is. He going to be the same. Player he was two years ago when he may, have been able to lead an upset of the warriors in the, playoffs or is he going. To be diminished somewhat will. He stay in Toronto will do Marta rose Rosen be a good fit and, continue the Spurs level of competitiveness this is going to be one that's going, to be difficult to call today what I will say is this the. Raptors got a really good discount here and they leverage this trade and they got away to to to. Find a way to accept this, risk and this could elevate them to the top team in the Eastern Conference they are really good if, Kawhi, Leonard is himself yeah but they're. To me is. The biggest if this trade and I'm Brian that I, think it's gonna take some time to really kind of Figure out all right you, know what's what's this going. To mean for San Antonio what's it going to mean for Toronto, I, still feel. Like the Celtics are the lead dog in the. East but the Leonard injury situation which is just weird it's just weird it had them, out basically. The entire year last year he wasn't with his team during the postseason Leonard. For his part doesn't really ever talk you never gives us an update on how he's doing no one's seen him, play in forever no one seeing them? Workout? In forever in so Kawai, Leonard went healthy, I, think, most of us would agree top five if you're not on. Board with that at least a top ten player the game's best perimeter defender..

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