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Off their 2021 season at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they may have to do it without a key defensive lineman. Only player not in attendance at yesterday's practice was defensive tackle star Literally He's been dealing with a calf injury. Cornerback Tehran Johnson was also seen sporting a red noncontact jersey more on that on wdr 5 50 dot com bills revealed their team captains for this season, an offense that Honor goes to Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs and defense. It'll be Tremaine Edmunds, Micah Hyde, Jordan Boyer. And as for special teams, read Ferguson, Taiwan Jones in Tyler Medica Bitch. They'll all be dawning A C on Sunday. When digs and I heard that he was announced as a captain, he said he was honored. I put in a lot of work individually, but being a Cabinet more so like a team, a team thing like everybody feels a certain way about you as far as how you carry yourself your team to how you lead this team. So for me just even last year kind of like Dion Dawkins, speaking on it on his vehicle with saying, like he felt like I could have been a captain last year, and it meant a lot to me then, and it means even more now, just as far as being acknowledged by your peers. Not only appears with your teammates, the guy that you ride for every game, you know in practice. The fact that they trust you trust you in the biggest moment, and they trust you on a daily basis that you're going to do the right thing on and all the coverage of Steelers bills begins Sunday at seven a.m. and goes until eight p.m. right here on W. G. R around the NFL. NFL network's Ian Rapoport says the Texans are trading cornerback Bradley Roby to the Saints He suspended week, one Washington football team co CEO Tanya Snyder said. The team is down to eight names for a new name. Change. Possibilities include the red Hogs, the defenders, the presidents and sticking with Washington football team, among other names. The hockey Sabres goalie Pekka Lukin said after an informal skate yesterday that he's put in the work this off season. I don't best I can trying to work hard and towards my goals playing, and I hope they think well of that and think. Well, Oh ho ho I played last season. All I can do is.

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