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Possibly, but I t. Picks. That's just so much. I know he's a great player. And all but man, that's giving up a lot. It is. One first round pick. I would definitely put a consideration. What if it was a first round pick and a third round pick? I fourth and you've got gotta deal. I four th and you have a deal. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Maybe the giants have different mindset now than they did a couple of months ago when they signed him I liked that they resigned him because I thought they needed to golden Tate. Devante parker. Those are some names that have been. That have been thrown out there teams like the patriots. And the eagles are said to be looking for. They're looking for wide receivers. It would be interesting Amari Cooper. We just saw traded UI. Apple just got traded Damon Harrison so Shane Ray. From the Broncos said to be available in a trade Dante Fowler on the Jaguars. We'll see any other potential trade that we look for. It's been pretty I would say pretty quiet on the trade front today. I'm expecting more. Once the last hour hits though. That's usually when stuff breaks down. Damaris Thomas is the most likely to get traded today because he has fourteen million base salary in two thousand nineteen if the Broncos can get rid of that contract for a player, that's kind of useless on their team. He's now fall fallen their third receiver. It makes perfect sense. So also Damaris Thomas has that relationship with Josh mcdaniels? Yes. So it makes just a lot of sense. But. We'll see we will do you. This is an interesting trae that I read about a rumor the patriots have discussed the possibility of Jamie Collins trade who they traded to the Browns. They have discussed a trade bring him back. That's not happening. Bell? Check is not that kinda guy. You would never trade a player back to his team. He's not gonna do that. Ha ha Clinton Dix is supposed to be a pest name ever. By the way. He's he's supposed to be available to Sean Jackson said that he wanted to be traded. It sounds like they they don't wanna do that. So well, he's been playing he played really well Fitch Patrick Patrick coming back. So maybe don't train them right now. Cool. So I think that's it for today. I think that's it for today show. Oh, also the NFL's adding a fourth game to the London slate next year, they're bumping it from three to four. Are you happy about that? I think that's just a sign that a London team is going to be in the works in the next decade from now. Yeah. I think so too. So that's all for today. Again, thanks for joining us. We'll have our football or excuse me, our basketball podcast up after this. Join us again on Thursday for the next installment of our football podcast as we break down the Thursday night football game, the intriguing match-up of the year the Oakland Raiders in the San Francisco forty Niners. It is here. Just must see TV. But we'll be back. We'll cover that game. We'll talk about the upcoming matches for this week in the NFL. And in college football have a good one everybody..

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