Hezbollah, Sacramento County Superior Court, Baghdad discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Receive twenty twenty fox news accusers watching the corona virus impacting how presidential candidates are campaigning vice president Joe Biden canceling in person rallies Morrow bye then will host a virtual town hall in Illinois cross the format for a large crowd investigation findings believes he wants to minimize cross country travel so Sunday's Arizona debate has been moved to DC where Sanders will stay and work in the Senate fox is Peter Doocy president trump has cancelled rallies in Nevada and Colorado planned for this week the White House says president trump and vice president pence have almost no interaction with the Brazilian official was tested positive for the corona virus the U. S. military responding after yesterday's attack on a base outside Baghdad U. S. airstrikes are targeting five weapons storage facilities in Shia militia groups that are backed better in Iraq but they're backed by Iran the U. S. military says the strikes have two purposes first to limit the malicious ability to conduct future attacks against coalition forces but also to respond to the continuing threat these terrorist groups pose in fact the military says cut team Hezbollah and Iranian backed militia attacked a coalition base yesterday killing two U. S. service members and one U. K. service member and the U. S. identified the truck those terrorist missiles were fired from fox's trace Gallagher a northern California judge has approved prosecutors request to take more DNA samples from Antarctica with being the infamous Golden State killer who eluded arrest for decades Sacramento county Superior Court judge Steve white also told prosecutors to informally you decide who is empowered to consider defense attorneys offer to have Joseph James deangelo plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty the seventy four year old former police officer suspected of at least thirteen murders and more than fifty rapes across California in the nineteen seventies and the nineteen eighties I'm Lisa Sarah this is.

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