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Okay but yeah. That is the one question that I'm looking forward to. Seeing is whether they do what they do with congeals off season. Because I think if he's on the trading block there's a tiny teams that are interested in for sure. Just kind of wrapping up here looking at this roster. What three positions? Where would you say needs to be addressed during free agency Genesis? This year is starting pitching one. Two and three probably One Yeah for sure. Starting pitching number one I think just because there are so many stars on the market. I mean there aren't a ton of elite starting pitchers but there's guys who you know number three number four so that you could easily Easley signed to two deals. That don't aren't inexcessive thirty or forty million dollars secondarily I think first base is probably Somewhere the Blue Jays could probably shop Talked about him before a brave new themes potentially justice re-signing Justin smoak. I think but those would all be Ideal improvements over letting someone like ready to allies start every day and then Bringing in fielder the Corey dickerson is someone who I mentioned earlier. that would be an ideal fit. There's tons of guys out on the market but I don't think as many that would make an impact as someone like Corey Dickerson so The top three from you. It'd be starting pitching first base and then field corner outfield either left or right field. That was your debut. off-season Preview Lousy Eh. One hundred of the daily have Toronto and bourges nation. Thank you so much again for joining US giving issue version you know how many wins. Do you think the Blue Jays get in the twenty twenty season next up. We're going to be swimming with the fishes Friday we have the marlins episode with with. This drips own. Ethan Petoskey Ethan is also the host of earning their stripes. podcast with talking all marlins all the time the marlins episodes exit one of my favorite podcasts. That we've done in in a very long time. We kind of Gush over the MARLINS super rebuild it as it may be We also go over all of the trades that happen Concerning big prospects not even prospects with big outfitters like we talked about yell at Stan. No Sooner Real Muto Dee Gordon even and just how these guys have built this organization from the ground up in basically made jeeter look really really good in the end. But we can't wait for you to hear it and that will be coming up Friday. Thank you for joining us on. This blew up suit and we hope you enjoyed..

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