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Scared of the irony. Yeah now you're drowning in a pit. All you like you fell exactly where I would have put you actually actually yeah. It's Oh what a what a riot. Yeah and then he starts choking around yet. 'cause he has broken his thumb. Yes without without screaming at all this is sort of going through. It is especially because his arm is drenched in blood already ready. Yeah pulls holds it out start strangling her Jennifer Connelly skedaddle Jennifer. He just saved you. Could you help him out. He does he di. Oh I think he gets killed by murder mom they they have a little fight. And then people left standing are Jennifer and Inga. Gotcha yeah at the very end. Yeah thank you dies there. Yeah Yeah I think Also oh she runs. She comes across murder son and then she walks in the corner. He just looks like a normal boy. From Yeah Zeke. Miller looks like an eight year olds crying by girls. Like you're GonNa hurt me. No Oh and she's like don't worry your mom can't hurt you. I'm here to help. Don't worry about it. Turns them around mangled corpse rat face. Yeah Yeah Yeah with maggots and just mucus losing from his little rat mouth. Yeah Gross. I'm getting out of here. Yeah gets on a boat river or something murder sons in the bows and the boat. He's got a really long pointed he's got that long pointing knife the pipe yeah tries to stab her stabs the the engine the galloping the yeah the like gas US engine right just called an engine motor thank you stabs the motor. They're they're wrestling flies. Come to save her and I I was like I'm glad that came back. Because that was like the flies. Push him in and also like a fires started well She like a dumb dumb even though she's I presume saw the motor get stabbed. Gasoline is just been leaking leaking leading. She still goes to start right. Promoter blows up the whole lake catches fire. She has to swim underwater. All my God murdered. Her son grabs her. Aw Gallatin murder son like corpse dying skin anymore. He's just like a eaten up corpse and so then they fight. Underwater are scary. Yeah and I think genuinely you might think. That's the last of the monsters in this movie because slows down after that as she swims. Yes then she's she's like she's getting her bearings he's learning. And what WHO's this coming over the hill. It's lawyer Agent Morris. Yeah Oh has no head says yeah the arms out and it's the most heroic lawyer ever looked at a movie so same with bugs. Yeah it's hilarious. This is really for like fucking sheet. Sheet metal comes in decapitates him so quickly I was like no jarring on perfect perfect and then uh-huh murder mums back with a piece of sheet metal and is trying to like now stab it through Jennifer Connelly's neck even though it was so easy second is so he's pushing down. Yeah well your agents have very just like tissue got a thick skin they gotta deal with alive you know they have tissue paper. That's right ethics skin. Well we've seen her survival more. Yeah all of a sudden who comes in Ingo with a straight razor and just gently like Oh oh so gently sweeps the straight razor across murder. Mom's face which is somehow inexplicably like then just like in like melty yelps yes towers. It was making me nervous watching the light. ragging that's also are gentles wife earliest at the time really wait. She was raped. She was really good. His ex wife worked in glass. Don't know if that has anything to do with your session with glass interesting. They have probably don't he doesn't glass. Yeah yeah so then like we got that hookup. Inga is like horrified with herself. 'cause like she was protecting Jennifer but like it wasn't she wasn't put on this earth to kill writings and then like very like like shot. The straight razor with the bright red paint blood an English like no throws it away. Jennifer Hugs Inga. And does anybody show up or leads to Blah and it's like and the second watch of that was More nerve wracking because I knew about the biting the fingers and I was like Oh my God I watch her. She's like she has to get in real hug. Really close really yeah. They do not knowing that I was like what a gentle beast also like. Fourteen fourteen eight mishaps onset and it happens a lot. Yeah every now and many people got bit every single person every single but but a lot of people that have them as pets literally genitalia eaten off. I don't know why Taylor they go for it. It's a like it'll go down fucking killer. You know where to go. Yeah and that's where it's like. Whenever Edwin is playing with any toy that has like any kind of like living creatures creature shape right for the crotch shape toys for him? Yeah we have a lot of balls added Edwin Nova crotch every time. My docs in Dixie was like that too just right for the crash but how do you know. Yeah she knows where to go because it was Internet. Yeah Did you find those long lines or did you. Not Those they live on you notes it it looks like Oh yeah I mean a lot of them are monkey bit off part of the people. Call the Swiss Transylvania. Why oh I I don't know and then love that love that I don't know a lot of these are just head chopped exclamation point? headrest out happening. Paul Corvino is my father. These aren't helpful notes. sleepwalking is cool. We bookings coup doc. I wasn't sure if they were like reaction notes or facts about the movie note. I think they started as facts. And then it was. I love a funicular cool hat gen cool has it wasn't quite as it. She was. Yeah riding down the cable car. That's going down Downer up the But she's like sitting there writing in her diary or she's wearing her school uniform and she's got this cool beret can uh-huh yes I liked. I liked that hat or the wardrobe and this whole movie is now like very much and yeah it's really cool. It's somehow like doc. All the girls are wearing like cool guy. Close our is very into it. I really liked it. It just seems like effortless but cool yes it it was like very relaxed. Like high school. Sophisticat yes I think it had that international aspect to it too was like very ma ma. Yeah Yeah Really Nice. Did you like this movie I did. I was gagging the last twenty minutes of it but it was an enjoyable watch. Yeah yeah feels like it. It would be a good group watch too yes. I've only seen it alone to feels like it would be fun to have friends. Yeah in Eh. While you're watching missed too much. Yeah yeah it would. Also I think like an this might be true of any agenda movie. I think would be like like cool to have on in the back hallway parties. Yes just because the visuals are visually arresting. Yeah Yeah here's a quote my one last thing. It's normal. Oh for insects to be slightly. telepathic grounded base reality of this movie is not normal for me. Ah I like that for that movie though Well I I was really happy to to watch this movie. He was a ride and a half. Yeah Julius Awesome. You guys should watch it. It is available on shutter. It's available on Amazon prime. If you want yeah I'm parts in Italian will switch to Italian and it's sort of fun and you don't see it coming. I mean if you want for free. It's on HOOPLA. Oh Hey nice. And there's a video game somebody made based off of this but it's not related to the movie but they were such a big fan of phenomena. Yeah that they clockwork or Cli- our that game now. This is the game like I've I was so curious on so I only have like vague memories of it from playing it in nineteen ninety five or ninety six And it was. My cousin had a playstation so that was like the cool cousin right. Whoever has the play station so we I think we rented that game from blockbuster and it was I just remember screaming and like running running away from a person with giant scissors and like make sense and and not really under? This was during the time when there wasn't the Internet so you couldn't like look up up how to play and if you didn't have like the gaming magazines yeah then like you're fucked so like we didn't. We rented it. We do not know what the PERP like. We didn't know what to due survival game and I remember just like running and like always trying to hide in the bathroom and he always finds you in the bathroom I I truly my memories of our so scant. It's just like you're running around your discworld who's modeled after Jennifer connelly running running around this mansion and there's a guy with a big pair of like sharp shears. That's GonNa cut you up that letter literally. That's all I remember. Looks walks out. Apparently got re released again. Did at some point on a playstation console that yeah it's like on what on like ps four or something. Oh My god God. I'M GONNA play this game. I want to so I was like I gotTa Find Yeah. It's called Clock Tower Clock Tower. I believe or clockwork. It has clock in the title Title Tower Game. I'M GONNA write my game. His form back gonNA write my version of what I thought the movie was GonNa be. Yeah and I'm going to call it clock Nava that's really WANNA do. Thanks murder murder murder with.

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