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The steelers needed to beat the five and ten bucks on the road. Have the colts raiders and bengals all lose which was not an easy feat because they were going for the playoffs as in fact the odds were so against this team that i knew about it unlike you and i like the l. I'm just going to enjoy the game. But they're not gonna get in. This all is not gonna happen. So the steelers go out to a fast start because of a lightning quick return by the world class. Sprinter rod woodson man. He was magic on the return. Man the seventy two yard return down. The left sideline set the steelers up at the tampa bay. Seventeen tim worley. Merril hodge took it from there man. That was a really good stable of runners. Tony behind the line finally intact alternating runs by number thirty three and number thirty eight five five four and finally a two yard. Plunge by the first round. Pick tim worley. Got the steelers on the board. After gary anderson point after the steelers lead seven nothing with two forty nine off of the clock only they started out strong. Tony and the running game was really doing it for the steelers. How about the first year man. Tim wurley on fire. I was really excited about him this year. I was really excited about him. Coming out of college back then. I was a big big running back. I wanted to be a running back when i was a kid so anytime anytime. They had a chance to draft. The running back in the first round was excited and he had a really great rookie year. Seven hundred plus yards. And what of way to start this game. You you're looking. You're playing against the opponent you need to win this game and then do some scoreboard. Watching rodwell returned the opening kickoff. Seventy two yards. I mean he was around special player all time great and he gave them what they needed. At that moment. The problem was tony. The home team had a lot of fight in them with vinny testaverde on the injured reserve. The bucks had a co on the oldest player in the game show ferguson to call signals behind center. Yeah ferguson was with the bills back in the seventies in fact. We did a game. Recently with joe ferguson blade so here he is old man foggy. Taking on the steelers. The steelers saw gerald williams have to exit on the very. First play from scrimmage you know how valuable a defensive lineman that guy was as he laid on the turf for a bit before making off of it from their tampa was able to run the ball well with james wilder and lars tate. Toting the ball tate. How to run of twenty nine yards on the drive ferguson than mixed the pass in as well with a twenty two yarder to sylvester stamps and passes to a pretty good receiver from that time. Mark carrier. Do you remember carrier tony. I sure did he was really good young receiver and i think he went on to play for the browns after this so if i'm thinking at the same players this is a good young talent. Steelers gonna have their hands full with him all day on third down. Ferguson's passed to carry your phone short but what's called for grabbing the back of the receivers jersey after forcing another third down. Joe found carrier in the end zone for a seventy yard score to tie it up at seven man. They've got a lot of fight those box. And you mentioned the joe ferguson. He was wildly old veteran like you. I was shocked to see him. Still playing in nineteen eighty nine. But he wasn't gonna go down without a fight neither where the buccaneers they were. They were playing for pride playing for the next season. So yeah. I was pretty worried at this moment. Bristow yet to throw a pass led his men of steel back onto the field. But they'd start off going backwards. When louis lips was called for a crack back block on first down so here they are at the fourteen yard. Line bubby went to is tight. End mike malarkey for twenty seven yards and then three consecutive runs by had the steelers in tampa bay territory. We talked about the excitement. Of mr tim worley. But merril hodge at the end of the season and the playoffs was magic. Tony he certainly was. He had one of the all time. Great runs for any back in franchise history as far as the end of the season and into the playoffs. I mean he was money and he started around. This time of the year is when he really got hot. So brister's back at it trying to get them into the end zone his through derek hill alone in the endzone well. It was wide so after missing. The lips harry newsome have come on to punt tampa then started moving the chains on their next series. But greg lloyd storm through the sack ferguson. And the bucks head a punt right after quarter to began. So let's check the scoreboard though. Real quick. The raiders in giants were tied at seven while new orleans held a three to nothing. Lead over indy. So you've got a tie going on there you've got the saints. Just three points over. Andy so look. Good so far but still scary. Tony certainly was especially that raiders game. That was than i wanted to be at that time but fortunately the opponents that these teams were playing a lot of also needed to win. That's what helps. Meanwhile in tampa that was the most important scoreboard. The steelers were ninety yards away from a score after worley. Ran for eleven on first down brister through a mid range pass complete to lips in number eighty three. Did the rest wow was. He electorate to talk a lot about how much we love. Louis lips you know. He was a six year man at this point and he was still getting done like crazy. The seventy nine yard catch and run made the tally fourteen. Seven with eleven fifty three left until halftime the steelers then forced a three and out and after a shank we're looking at nice field position from their own forty two but a series that included a non interception and john renshaw suffering an injury. The steelers endured a three and out of their own. Meanwhile mervyn fernandez of long. Pass from steve berlin. And the visiting la raiders with art shells or coach. Were up fourteen to seven on the new york football giants on the next series. It looked like the bucks. Were going to move the ball. Well especially with tim. Johnson getting nailed for encroachment. Twice two times. Tim johnson was a smart player. Tony but rod woodson knife through on third and short and tackled wilder floor a loss. You could always count on rod woodson back then whether it being against the pass or knifing through the a runner tony he was grand. He was when all time great cornerbacks the all time kick returns at least for in steelers history and he played ronnie played the pass. He did everything he was an all time. Great no matter what air he played in he would have been hall of famer on the punt..

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