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This episode is brought to you by. Kpmg risk services kpmg. Believes that when you've earned the trust of all your stakeholders that's when your business has a solid platform to grow. That's the trusted imperative. Kpmg risk services develop and put in place dynamic risk strategies designed to help your business earned that all important trust go to re dot kpmg dot us slash trust to learn more. Hello and welcome to seven layers. Where every episode we look at a different aspect of technology from literal wires in the ground to switches and routers and all the way up to the exploding amount of smart devices around us. I'm your host. Connor craven associate editor. 's central. This week we are continuing to look at optical networks with a panel of experts. This is the first panel on seven layers. And i hope you'll be very pleased to hear them talk about the subject. The panelists are steve alexander chief technology officer and senior vice president at sienna. Bill gardner senior vice president and general manager of optical systems and the optical group had cisco in robert shore senior vice president of marketing at infant era. If you haven't listened to the last episode on optical networking. I highly recommend going back and giving it a listen before the panel.

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