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Morning it's 6 O 8 Michael and son spring AC tuna for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s now Jack Taylor what's happening on the roads All right sounds like in Virginia we've got the recon Centreville on 28 north near 66 moved out of the roadway now Everything has been pushed over onto the shoulder Similar situation on the beltway outer loop after Braddock road as you ride toward the Springfield interchange there we've got a rack that also moved over onto the left shoulder Inner loop you're good Coming out of Springfield riding up toward tysons and McLean 95 north out of Fredericksburg headed into Springfield a little bit of a delay right now Dale City headed into woodbridge three 95 that looks good leaving the beltway North of edsel wrote all the way up to the 14th street bridge Quiet trip downtown so far across the freeway third street tunnel New York avenue We'd had the reported rec just off Scott circle on Massachusetts avenue west of Rhode Island avenue in northwest D.C. two 95 got a few brake lights now to run from burrows avenue south toward east capital street watching Maryland two 70 southbound a little bit heavy now She ride through Hyatt's town approaching and passing one O 9 checking out a whedon on Randolph road out in your bushy drive That's a reported crash College Parkway near drive out of Arnold I think your lanes are once again open from an earlier wreck Wind warnings that are in effect on 50 out of the bay bridge but no vehicle restrictions 50 looks good off the bridge headed west through Annapolis and Bowie back toward the beltway No troubles between the beltways on 95 but that building volume south on the BW Parkway approaching and passing one 75 Can't find the new car you're looking for try a fits way used car next to a new car if it's way car is best visit fit small dot com for a good car and a safe car you can trust That's the fits way Jack Taylor TLP traffic Mike's Jennifer has got the forecast That's a strong cold front coming our way a few widely scattered showers today much that they will be drawing but scattered with other stars will develop late this afternoon These could be severe It's.

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