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Or Puerto Rican heavily. Puerto the Rica row row house that there was Dominican. Let us know Wanda Wando Arish. Ano- HANNO Christian row is Dominican Puerto Rican and whatever. Other Latino Mega could be a Mexican not go roller hockey. Allegedly he flung loose loose fan on at a strikeforce forced off a circle burst into the living room of three. Oh four Willis Avenue. You're familiar yes I have. Oh that's right there. Like one hundred forty nine two hundred thirty eight Joe Butter. Write this down the block with Joe. Let that's the hood right up the block from Third Admiral Twenty Ninth Street. It goes from one thirty. We're like one forty nine hundred fifty while. That's that's tough black when hot city every day to cook a South Bronx South Bronx Hidden. That's the South Bronx Willis adding water. Well I'm going to stay clear from their damn right. It's your ass kicked and get some thrown on Rojo's is one of seven people arrayed aide in Manhattan hold on boogie ethnic rules role Haas. Anthony Cruz is that. Is that the Michigan Puerto Rican Ross. Or just Latino we know that part could be Colombian could Venezuela Venezuela. Put a B. A.. Low Packs Rodriguez qualified. They know what it is savings. Another resilient could be that you don't know Sidney coming. Both he could be Dominican and Puerto. Rico we can then you are. I have a baby mother. That's Puerto Rican low for law. My friends are Puerto Rican all of them houses row houses. Puerto Ross us. I think I have a row. Hostile works at my job as Louise. I'm asking him. He's Puerto Rican. I WanNa know from Puerto Rican. I'm telling Oh you this hive in the bus into the doing fitness get loose fan thrown on this. What you get? He's he's one of seven people arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday on criminal drug possession charges. Four officers inhale the drug. A highly addictive synthetic and two were hospitalized after one fainted and another found difficulty breathing. Is You're the cops. Found six other alleged dealers heroin and all and nearly twenty thousand glassy envelopes in the apartment. What it is a glass seen employees doing here just the we you remember former drug? Draw user and dill. I was the worst drug dealer right. You must've gave me a whole pack of crack. I smoked all that cocaine. Sorry about that Pat. You did did heroin. Camp coming those bags to Elisa Club last season is like oh like fellow. Thrash more select writers carnival bags. I don't want I don't want to take you back there. L. K. and nearly twenty thousand glassy envelopes in the apartment that sits across the street from PS forty. Nine on Willis Avenue Andrea Fortieth Street. One hundred forty three hundred fortieth just this right in. Look I'm telling you right. There are forty nine chill read about.

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