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That's yeah i don't think you went either a white guy will be labeled as sneaky on i'm guessing tonight who's your leader in the clubhouse the kid out of boise state court same client on vander ash bender kind of cooper cup type defensive player yeah usa defense kupa cops like now the poster boy kind of a ryan carrigan type then you wanna sneak 'em ryan kerrigan high motor out of it's almost on top of his head yeah sneaky outlet i don't know it let's see who else could they say sneaky athletic out of this group there sam darnold could be sneaky outlet tj watt last year a high motor to great lineage is used whenever your family is in plays like there's another watt brother comes from a great lineage you don't get here that oh yeah yeah i have some more moxie is popular swagger josh rosen called himself he said he had moxie when he was on the show with us a couple of days ago what is the definition of moxy is that gamer due even know what moxie means you have a force of character determination or nerve is it a good thing to have moxie yeah you're gutsy gritty gutty yeah hyphenated i don't know of josh rosen is greedy and gutty mocks he's got a little bit of a negative connotation to it but joshua's certainly got the moxie means like you don't of the physical tools you have moxie to make up for it.

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