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Era. Your entrance is it was very cool level. Yes often sort of thing. Yeah so. I got a text from hunter One morning so what do you think of this. And he shows me this like big lift. That goes up. I was like so. I lay on that it comes. He's like it was going to be for taker. But taker take was too heavy for it. Says what do you think about michael take. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world and it wasn't originally intended on. I never know why. Why vincent this creek with it up but it was never intended to be like an actual board until events decided was an extra report it was meant for me to just basically rise out of the. That's why the whole thing was black and in certain shots. You couldn't really see that. The board was elevating. It was more of a The visual trick trick was like material that was materializing smoke. I thought it was. I thought it was different. I thought it was going. I thought it's such a cool layer to the entrance. Thought added a cool layer to you. Know the alastair black character and dislike entrances in general. I like to think that if you go back in the modern era perhaps not the past era but in the modern era. I think that my entrance is virtually very very within a unique entrance. Like sure to more unique. Entrances that like we've had in the past ten fifteen years. I'm sure there's plenty more that were equally or even more unique the mind. But i'd like the thing that that is definitely for for the last five years. The people go to go like. Oh those very memorable allegation. There's a lot of of of talking about paul heyman and being big A supporter of ours. Because at that point in time he actually might have been booking the show. You'll either way all was very much backing you. Becoming a very major player agreed Since they wanted me and paul meshed. I love that man. I have so much love that man. He's always been really good to me. He's been Blunt with me. Which i appreciate appreciate people being blunt than me. I don't like to dance are subject. Just tell me how it is especially in this business on percents yes especially in this business ball had big ideas with matches me but with with you know a lot of younger people like buddy murphy was being one of them as well. He wants told me that he had one night of control. That was the first night he was on the one night. That was yup gotcha and after that everything became a flight. Then everything became you know. Well maybe a fight is other right were but every day at the bates yes and which which i can understand you know but sometimes it makes you wonder and i let that go of what what could be because we were fighting tooth and nail to get out the room because the room needed the progress because it was the same thing weaken week out in the promos. Bmi became more and more vague. Oh you're doing your room to knock on your door or something and you know that ran for a little bit and people started you know i. It came but as it was as it was supposed to transition to something else. It didn't so it kind of went back down because we wanted to get into one point and then completely switch it up. Yeah because that's how you do. That's how you progress to the next level and this had in my opinion had shelf life. And i think paul felton had shelf to and we just wanted to progress but the progression was just never approved. The progression just never came. And eventually i became his lost in shovel and because the progression be the discussion wasn't had and when the discussion was tried to be coined it never went anywhere no matter how many times i knocked on the door and tried to sit down and like explain and like look. We gotta do something like look. You know. we're good here for now. And i'm like no we need to feel exactly because you know when you're when you're in the business for so long you feel when it's time to like shift die nasir you know i feel that's how you've been able to reinvent herself so many times because you knew all right i can. I can take this so here. Now got to switch it up. And how i felt like now we gotta do something new and i thought that after the buddy murphy thing here we go and then it was right back in the room and it was like god that was the wrong move because we have momentum at steam but he went with south because he did a feud buddy. Yes ma'am buddy. Had a little mini. Few like basically what what what he wanted to do. I wanted to set something between you and buddy that we can come back on romanian three or four years. Maybe five years down the line where we lay a foundation naseer exactly and five years from now we circle back around him but we make it bigger bigger stage and we can draw from. You know you guys did there. You know it rights itself. Because that's how wrestling's done right you plant some seeds copiers down the line you pay it off. Because that's that's the beauty of what we do. We don't have to immediately like grab. Grab a shovel and like dig and right now we can. We can let it sit for a while. But it just never went there. I never really felt that transcended despite what you know. The promise were what the words were and you know like point. You feel like you've throwing everything into the wall. Which i did and you know the rest assistant and i am thankful for my mom. Very very thankful to one hundred and thirty. Think the vince. The is just didn't understand this character or was it was it may be a..

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