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Of the week. And that's the difference between ninth and eighth that might be more than fifteen thousand dollars or whatever that number is it's like it makes sense. It doesn't make sense to do every week. I don't think but there's certain scenarios and there's value in and you can correct me. If i'm wrong here i wouldn't say you yet have the money in the world that you don't think about money right so but the guys that have all the money in the world value their time right. It's there's no reason not to. If you're tiger phil aurora or dust and it's just it's it's like it would be the same value in terms of my bank. Hauser's is me flying commercial like it's the same percentage your work so why not right in. But at the same time for me if i'm going between san diego and phoenix and there's a southwest flight or a delta flight every hour on the hour and its direct from the two. I'm saving thirty minutes on each side from checking in baggage claim. And i'm paying you know not flight. Who knows maybe ten times more. You know it's not worth it you know but hopefully you get to the point where you can do that but even then i'm afraid like someone told me i'm not gonna say their name but it is never get comfortable doing something that you can't do forever okay. I like that. I make sense. So like if i start flying if i have a great year two thousand nineteen had a great year and i could have flown every tournament. It would have made a difference right. Well if i have a badger in twenty twenty one and twenty twenty two and i'm flying the same amount and then all of a sudden i'm like hold on. I got back this down. Like i haven't been playing whatever you never want to be able to do something that you can't do forever because if you get used to it it doesn't become a luxury anymore right. It becomes habitual and flying. Private is a habit. You damn sure there'd be overdo it every day play better play play better but even then like it's just that's what a lot of other guys tell me like the guys especially the lived around the atlanta area there like yeah i mean looking back and you spend a couple of million dollars in private. You know you can't you don't have anything to show for it. I mean you do but you don't right. He's like. I mean i could have gotten first class to get out of atlanta and you know saved this and that here and they're direct flight. It's something that's also impossible to put a finger on you can justify both ways. It's just it's a feel thing. I guess right and i think i think i probably not a lot of listeners to this show but a lot of golf fans assume everyone's flying private everywhere which is most definitely not the case. I remember we had a player. Stay at our house Like eight years ago at the memorial. And i pick them up the airport. And he was hand lugging his suitcase for three weeks and his golf travel bag. With a million pairs of shoes racking up the over g. i just didn't picture that and then the reality kind of set in like you guys are on your own for so much stuff like you don't have someone there assisting you with all the little inconveniences of life and there's a lot of stress that comes with travel especially when you do it every single week so i think understanding travel and golf is an interesting thing. It's not like the tour doesn't charter You know a normal circumstances isn't chartering planes between stops. You don't have a team that you're traveling with in terms of like basketball or baseball or something like that. And it's something that i it wears on you of the course of entire season when you're traveling for thirty weeks a year. It definitely does now. I think it's fun to think that everybody has a g five like tiger. I mean yeah. When i was in high school college. Whatever else like men. How cool would it be to fly on tour and fly around and gulfstream. That'd be sweet right but at the same time it's it's it's definitely there people definitely do do it. But it's not it's your like you said it's not everywhere and when it's convenient and win you know you've been successful enough that you know you don't feel like you're spending an arm and leg do it. Then then we do it. And that's so back to the original question of do i find another. I would say a fourth of fourth of the time and it's usually flying home when it saves me a legitimately twenty four hours. I could not fly back till monday. Right and i can be home at six on sunday and then go out to wherever it to eat or come home then. Yeah i'll do it but when we're flying from home to somewhere when you have no time constraints and this and that it's very it's very rare that makes them a lot of sense in. Yeah that was be understand. Seattle and a lot honestly it took twelve minutes to get it all out place in the world of travel out. If you have one ten times so you say we play the pro weeks go like yeah davis and some of the dudes here. They're flying out of this very low. The local one very frequently. And it's quite legitimately five minutes from their door to being wheels up. We so davis. And i are actually going on a fishing trip and actually leaving friday so leaving it three days and our flight takes off at ten thirty. I will leave my house at ten. Twenty and i will be early. That's sauce and right now flying internationally or flying. Wherever it's it's it's so like cancellations this and that layovers like you know you sometimes you don't want to sat in and not that we want to see there. We're just that's a perfect example on friday you can. I'll time it. And i'll tell you when i walked out of my door and when i got on the plane and i'll tell you exactly how long longer than we've gone on this top yet away. What do you. Where do you play when you when you're playing here is it. This is what i picture to be the place to get really good games. Just you know the crew that you guys have here the amount the options you have to play here. What's what's the what's that landscape. Look like what we have. We have fredrika which has which is a great practice facility but very wide open. You know doesn't test your ball striking that much but you know fun place to go out and mess around ocean forest which is the opposite You know a a proximity. That is doable. Like it's you can hit balls and chip bought. It's it's fine. It's nothing spectacular but it's absolutely complementary and golf course is absolutely a major championship buffers it is so hard as long it's tight it's tough around the greens demanding on every part of your game. And then you have Little local place Seat bombs has a rob collins design. Who you know as we all know on here is sweden's gov designed Short game area. That is not really short game. 'cause it's two hundred something yards long and about sixty or seventy yards wide and it is. I've taken to a pros down here. And they'll say it is top five in the world short game it is in. This is compared to the other place we have down here. Then you have sea island who has potentially one of the best They call it the golf performance center. Which is you know like eight hitting bays full club fitting room club repair room a gym putting studio everything you could ever imagine on almost a three hundred sixty degree range so you can hit anyone and then they have a separate area that just has to oppose loud ahead on the back there with three golf courses two of which we planned a tour event and the other one we play when the other ones are busy so i mean to me i sit back and it's like if you can't get better here it's your own fault attack now. You've you've made the sale kind of like what real estate prices like up here know that is a. That's a very very compelling case. And i kind of wanted to you know talk to you about i. Guess kind of for the listeners. That aren't familiar with what your path to being on the pga tour has been. You know you were at the university of georgia. You played latinoamerica. Web dot com can kind of take us through that time line and then i wanna talk about how how that changes life and your career.

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