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Points not great reggie bullock he had twelve points eight rebounds for us this shot five ten from the field to ascend from three point line is smith off the bench at eighteen points eight rebounds shot eight fourteen from the field to a six from three point line luke canard he had fourteen points four rebounds to assist shot six of eleven over five from three point nine for the houston rockets you had trevor rees nine points five rebounds shot three of eleven three of eight from the pauline not the best shooting from him pj talker had ten points eight rebound shot four of eleven to his son from three point line cling capella had ten points fourteen rebounds shot five of eight james hart is struggled in this one big time four twenty from the field elevate from the three point nine eight rebounds five assists twenty one points go gordon stepped up though twenty two points five assists three rebound shot eight of nineteen from the field three of nine from the three point line lucan boots don't with a foot injury or something like that left the game early only played seven minutes but did well seven points one rebound three or four shooting what a two from the three point line ryan anderson had seven points seven rebounds shot three six jailed grins struggling this one one of nine from the field one of eight from the three point line on three points three rebounds two assists and joe johnson finally stepped up in this on the old man eleven point three rebound shot four of eleven from the field to seven from the three point line no quiz paul and this was nice little one by the rockets right here is this game went to overtime both teams are really struggling i mean it's kind of weird when you say game over time one team barely breaks a hundred literally by getting hundred points struggles but asses kind of obviously it's the pistons if you're the rockets kind of expect to win a game like this and you kind of need to win a game like this because it's a bad team but without chris paul and james harden and shooting the ball well i mean this is kind of courage because you kind of see ron like around yeah we got a bunch of guys i hear come out and do a job like gordon.

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