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You go how to keep myself safe. When I couldn't get away quickly, and l said the woman with the scissors was yelling at her. She was telling me to get off the property. She was telling me that Police stations have been boarded up, so there was no one that was going to be able to come. They'll manage to get her keys out and quickly get into the locked lobby of her apartment building. Komal Suzanne Francaise. The accused attacker was in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty. Police have arrested a woman they believe is responsible for nearly two dozen burglaries. Detectives say her crime spree spanned Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond. It all came to an end in Bellevue, all because of her distinctive tattoo the woman has seen on video prying open 33 storage lockers at an apartment building. Detectives are still trying to nab a man that they believe is her accomplice. Come on news time. 7 10 That's trying to get to a CO Most sports update Here's Tom Cutler, the Mariners over the three game series at Arizona tonight. After an off day yesterday, Seattle sits two games behind Houston for second place in the American League West in three games out of the eighth and final playoff spot. The Seahawks head for Atlanta today for Sunday's match up with the Falcons. No fans will be allowed in quarterback Russell Wilson says he'll miss opposing crowds in Atlanta and elsewhere. Rather play in front of, you know, you know thousands and thousands of fans, and that's always the tough part traveling, I embrace going on the road, you know, for example, you know, go on the road and playing it. Tough environments is one of my favorite parts of Playing quarterback and playing on this team, and it was those two day trips and having to go into a tough environment and find all those fans. Seattle favored by 2.5. The Sounders racked up a team record seven goals last night in a 71 win over San Jose at Centurylink Field. That one moved them in the first place in the MLS Western Conference, eh? NBA playoffs tonight, the L. A Clippers can clinch their Western Conference semifinal series with Denver. They leave the Nuggets three games to one, and it's Game seven between the defending MBA champion Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics. It'll be Naomi Osaka against Victoria Azarenka for the U. S. Open women's singles title tomorrow. Osaka Surging ahead and beat Jennifer Brady and Azarenka ended Serena Williams's latest bid for a record 24th Grand Slam singles title with her victory Sports at 10 40 past each hour. Tom Butler come on his camo news time 7 11. Many teachers around the country are getting sick with covert 19 as they try to get their classrooms ready for students we get more from ABC is victory Kendo 34 year old. Actually, DeMarinis was getting ready to welcome her students back outside ST Louis when she got sick. Her sister Jennifer, in I, C u nurse from New York was by her side. It's definitely hard, um Knowing what could or what will happen and then have it happened to your own family in Mississippi student shaken after losing beloved history teacher Thomas Slade. It's like a gut punch. Really? He was a man I respected. I look forward to him coming back to the classroom, you know? And then he was gone. At least six teachers dying from the virus in recent weeks, the country inching closer to a once unthinkable toll. 200,000 lives there. CDC now projecting up to 217,000 deaths by October, 3rd. I just think we need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter. Because it's not going to be easy. We know every time we restrict, we lift restrictions. We get a blip. I mean, it's getting it's whac a mole. The race to stop the spread. Playing out on college campuses at Miami University of Ohio case is climbing by 1000 in just two weeks, officers. They're breaking up a house party with 20 people. After students tested positive for covert.

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