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The ambassador bridge trucks have a ten minute wait entering Detroit no delays at the tunnel in the automotive group twenty four hour traffic center I'm Jeff the friend WWJ newsradio nine fifty tacky weather forecaster early this morning it's cloudy in the seasonally call couple of flurries low of thirty cloudy and chilly for the day hype to forty two cloudy skies tonight will thirty one cloudy and chilly tomorrow high again forty two degrees a mix of clouds and sun first Wednesday we'll see hype to forty six currently secure Borgen seeing flurries in thirty three mostly cloudy thirty six degrees out of metro men's cloudy in thirty five for the city crime stoppers need your help this is dandy Borodino of crime stoppers of Michigan inviting you to join us as we continue our efforts in crime prevention and assisting crime victims their families in over two hundred law enforcement agencies please visit our website one eight hundred speak UP dot org and join our new five dollars a month speak up club for a small amount each month we can continue to make southeast Michigan a safe and healthy region from all of those who seek our help thank you for your support line number one news station radio nine fifty vigil in Santa Clarita California where gunfire erupted last week in the nation's latest school shooting a CBS news report coming up next also by model beat reporter Jeff Gilbert in Los Angeles where Ford is making history also ahead a man now in the hospital after his brother shot a mistaking him for a deer while out hunting good morning I'm Jim Matthews for W. W. newsradio nine fifty sports on the way twelve forty five a loss for the lions CBS CBS news update even as one part of California remembers victims of one shooting comes word of another in a different part of the state we start near Los Angeles and Santa Clarita there was a Sunday night vigil there to remember to student shot and killed by a classmate at his high school KCBS.

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