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I'm teena Marie WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. Thank you. Tina your AccuWeather forecast. Now with meteorologist Carl babinski, and it's chilly. Won folks early on the shattered a morning, blustery and cold. There will be a few snow showers. Also, heavier squall which could deposit a coding to an inch in some spots. It could be rapid freeze up with icy patches on area roads, low twenty-five it will feel like it's an teens later today, windy and chilly with times of clouds and sun, the high near forty but it'll feel like it's in the teens and twenties from time to time partly cloudy and quite cold tonight with less wind low twenty five four tomorrow and Monday radically chilly. Highs of forty tomorrow and forty two on Monday some snow possible Monday night into Tuesday, otherwise colder, Tuesday, high thirty four on AccuWeather meteorologist Carl babinski on WWE j NewsRadio nine fifty. Thank you Carl. We're already in the twenty s twenty nine at city airport. Partly cloudy skies. We have some flurries reported out at metro airport and thirty degrees there you might wanna look out for a little bit of slick conditions later flurries in twenty eight in Ann Arbor, mostly clear and twenty nine in. Mount Clemens Monroe. You are cloudy and twenty nine that is traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the your next update at one eighteen that's less than ten minutes away or you can check anytime over on our website. That's at W W J, NewsRadio dot com. WW J news time one ten just ahead. Getting a feel for the new job. Newly elected lawmakers spent some time in Lansing this week that story just ahead in seconds, traffic and weather together on the aids. And as it breaks. Watch.

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