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Welcome back the world's most scrutinized in peer reviewed document is out the report on climate change. Thousands of scientists have spent decades pouring over every and research report known in the findings are clearer than ever. The crisis is here. it's now but what is this report. Tell us that we didn't know before plus his push for hydrogen a real pathway or a clever way to lock in more emissions and how far have the politics of climate really shifted in washington katherine. Hamilton is my co host. She's chair of thirty eight nor solutions back from vacation. Catherine hi yes. I'm back in arlington virginia. And pretty soon. Our virtual world will come to a grinding hall. Does the final of my foreheads for his senior year of high school in person. And meanwhile you're still stuck behind zoom for congressional meetings. Yes yeah oh yeah. Those haven't eased up for sure. And that's fine by me. I i got a lot of work done. So it's totally and back with us. Is ed crooks who is vice chairman of the americas at wood mackenzie. He's in new york. And you're gonna hear from him more regularly going forward with us and we're delighted to have you back. Hi ed will. Thanks so much. I remember back in new york state but not new york city in fact right now i'm on sort of i guess you'd call it seven vacation up in the catskills say doing some a bit of hiking trails up here which has been very nice and really interesting even on vacation. Not being able to stop thinking about energy. It's been it's amazing to see when you start and if you know this area but if you hike around here. The air is absolutely covered in rail trails and to think what a extensive rail network new york state had a wants time for freight and passenger rail. All of it torn out now instead. They're all trails that people can walk and bike which is great to have that. But makes you realize what a huge change the coming. The automobile was In this area absolutely transforming transforming landscape and everything. I realized both of you are actually have chairs and your title. Your chair people. How do i get a chair in my name. I run my own company. I guess i could just stick chair and my title is given me by my business partner. He's like all right now. You're the chair. I'm like all right. Let's turn to something. That's a decidedly more serious..

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