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I'm the guy who who was a crack in the door person to show up and be great but i'm not a fan of a guy facing sea level guys and making them making a name of themselves than a guy it but honestly speaking. It's beautiful yard everything that's happening. He's he's counted out. He's the ruis of this equation the andy ruiz if you come out winning overnight success you done what we thought you in do and everybody rides which you at that point. Everybody rides with you but i've been watching a lot of i f l videos. They seem to think that <hes> you know whatever oh no. No no no you can't just do the headman and say you know what whatever i was moving that number by the way you watch gotcha andrew baldwin. I actually watched scary movies retailer in the dark. Okay all right all right it. It was all right. It gave me the whole it feel like. I feel like it's going to have i mean i definitely will have a sequel if it sells tickets if they do well at the box office we'll have a sequel. They definitely set it up for sequel cool and compared to scary movies. It was all right man. It has some you know. Ask some some some some stuff you know. It's hard to scare an adult adult right especially off a movie yeah. Some good shouldn't like some good thrilla moments dramatic moments. You know i made you think you you know <hes> at the movie conjuring secured the fuck outta me <hes> well. I mean let's let's digest. Adjust some award say you watch. I feel videos in a lot of <hes>. If you look at the titles it seems that either because i don't got time to watch all those videos so i go and see you know the most appealing and click it but you got spencer feron. They're talking about race. You got some other white kids. Talking about race. Couple of wyche is talking about race though is like. I don't know if they're bringing it up because coppola overload. Had you know a pass racism. I don't know if they're using that to fuel yard or kovolev didn't have the time to clip. You know. I'd rather listen to yard. Tell me about his luggage and his hot water with stevenson. You know whatever but there's a few of those out there and you know it can't be ignored. It's not like kovalev had hasn't said some. You know things that <hes> are considered racists. It's not like he didn't wear the shirt. Did he wore <hes> so you know i i just we're so. I don't know how remove the but. I feel like that happened. A while ago is still following them was that the whole racers should gear. I mean i'm always resurfaces with the fights of course ame- <hes> if you have a black fire fighting something this thing that he did pass when we eighty five ninety said about donald statements and know what i'm saying is going to go for the simple was it yeah and you know we haven't seen him be any more of a killer when facing a fighter <hes> african american descent you know what i mean like. He's faced a lot right equal. You know he's pass cows for like derek webster. I mean excuse me someone else but he's fought a lot. We has now he's fighting yard ward twice the some say that he won the first war to the beginning of the downfall in my opinion but i get you all right man that the war was that was very very close. I thought he did enough to <hes> to edge watching lobster but <hes> yeah man i know mill at the kobe had had his pants but to be honest. That's not only help or her. Yard and despite orsay can can look at that and think man. How can you afford gasping at big s._u._v. I pay less for gas and everyone else. I got the free..

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