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Welcome to another top advisor marketing podcast. Today we're going to do something a little bit different Kirk and I spent an enormous amount of time together as a CO owners top advisor marketing but I don't ever really get an opportunity to pick his brain about what's going on he's at and what he's been learning recently because you know we're travelling at eight thousand miles an hour. So I'm going to take just a few minutes today to pick Kirk sprain and to show you inside the magnificent world. Of Kirk. Low Kirk. Welcome to show man. Mike. Set you up druther. We decided. Well, we didn't decide that Matt said he's GonNa Atlas Soft Today. So get this is what you're GONNA get. All right. So question question number one. So as as the one of the managing partners here at at top adviser marketing, what is the number? One thing that you're hearing from people that you're talking to on the phone who were interested in our services screw good question. You're so much going on in marketing something I'd say that really struck me. This week that? I, absolutely love. Is a quote from South Goten. To remember me share, I do remember you share in that? Yeah. You remember what? The coats I I I'm going to be able to get here in two seconds. But yeah, it was like really transformative. Wasn't it? It was really fabulous. So here's the grown said. I'm GonNa Paraphrase until I actually find actual quote but. In two thousand, eight sentence. This is really important to remember. It goes that content murky is the only marketing left. I think that's the exact quote was content marketing is the only marketing you can do. So what I'm getting this I'm getting. Having a lot of conversations with. Strategic Partners. Really successful advisers who are wanting to advocate for us with larger corporations. Were even in there are a to get approval to allow people start content marketing. So the industry the top I would say the top envy industry. Is Really story is starting to realize. That this fundamentally, it has approved shift. In how this industry approach marketing well, I'm going to pause you there because let's talk about why why do you think that that our industry specifically needs to make such a massive consciousness shift when it comes to how they market? Back in two, thousand, eight. There was a study done by Qantas. Consulting on ABC's. End. which was run by Stephanie? Bogan. On by generous I believe. Since disbanded if you will but they had a wonderful research and I've quoted this before often. Practices who were doing under million dollars.

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