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Guys first time. Caller appreciate you guys. I was curious as to would mike discussions free. Would you be willing to trade for jimmy g. and if you would what would you be willing to give up the sports draft capital. Yeah that's a great question. I really liked jimmy g. He is a really good quarterback. Obviously when he's healthy. I think it's not if he's going to be treated. But when you could be after the season trae lance is their future and jimmy g. Played really well. We're watching him against detroit. I thought he played really well the other day. So if i'm san francisco. I'm not in a rush to move on from jimmy g. Because we could win this year with him so it would have to be multiple first round picks so i don't think he'll be traded during the season. But you never know jimmy g. one more playmaker and you could win the super bowl in washington. Gotcha thanks guys. First round picks you put him up there with dishonor or someone to court. Jere golf some of those guys that you know. Put them ahead of you. I mean matthew stafford you put him up there with those guys might jimmy. Jesus good winning quarterback. I'm just saying that. If i'm san francisco i wouldn't give them away for anything less than that key right now because i could go win this year and then we could go reevaluate in the offseason. So you've kind of made that decision when you gave up all that you did to go get trae lance. You've made the decision. You're gonna move on from him so i would try to do from a position of strength after the season and just wouldn't give them away. I think he's a really good player is look. He misses emmanuel sanders. It's like fifty fifty. Maybe next time he hit some. You win the super bowl. They're they're loaded. Jack vegas you're on with keyshawn. J. will max and mike tannenbaum. What about jalen hurts. This is the cinderella story of all time. This guy is a great competitor rate teammate. I mean he should be getting accolades left and right and the one last thing. Don't get so carried away with the rams. They had a couple of busted with touchdowns and the chicago sorta moved up and down. The i bet the rams to win the super bowl took a bit price. I wasn't that thrilled with that game. If you really analyze it. But i i'm a jalen hurts fan by the way i think those are two good points. He makes away. I if you saying don't hype the rams in how you hype it up jalen hurts. I mean it was against the falcons. In the falcons have been atrocious. Even on the road. I give him credit. It's a big time win. But it kind of made his point against himself though jalen hurts mike to me. I mean he's protected. He's not turning the ball over. He's picking up a lot of yards with his arm with his legs and he's winning team is playing with him. I agree on jalen hurts. We just talked about zack wilson. And all the issues they have. I think it's the reverse jalen hurts. Look at philadelphia jordan. Malaysia left tackle and lane. Johnson at right tackle. Those guys played great is give a lot of credit to jalen hurts. He got better. His completion percentage is only fifty two percent a year ago. He played really well. Got the ball to devante smith amongst others and that's a great example when you could protect an nfl passer. He could complete the ball and kudos to him. Nick siri i and that staff but that was one of the big surprises. Hopefully he could keep it going but he did a heck of a job on the road. Even though that wasn't a great defense it's still a road win in the nfl. Mike i hear you and i but don't you think we need a bigger sample sides from jalen hurts. I'm all about. Sometimes you know first game of the season come out here with crazy expectations. But still i still wanna see how he handles adversity. And it's a long season absolutely put. The point is like a road win on opening day. And i'm just saying if i'm philadelphia. That's exceeding expectations without offensive line. Jason kelsey at center. Those two tackles. They should be able to protect him. And you're right. Maybe we should pump the brakes a little bit. But if i'm really i'm encouraged you gotta be proud of yourself. Philly you identify hurts in the draft. You draft him with his number with a second round pick instead of moving up to get a receiver. Packaging it to trade you. I mean you get him help with your draft pick this year like every step of the way you've shown this ain't about carson wentz. This is actually about jalen hurts. And he's paying it off right now. The great mike tenenbaum ladies and gentlemen. Mike always love it. When you jump on. That was from my old radio show and now this one to mike tannenbaum ever say. I've never seen. Mike tannenbaum be so quick to spend other people's money like new orleans says when he was our dimaggio. Nothing wanna spend. Nah he's holding onto. It was his. What did you have a bonus. Back then mike. If you save the money you got some percentage of it. What was the story. All the coach parcells. I was just happy to be there. Yes boy bill. Parcells the bigger riser. In the mvp conversation the biggest rise in the mvp conversation after we plus you tell us who is the nfl mvp after week one. That's after jay. Has this from draftkings. It was so good to see teams back on the gridiron. Wasn't it lucky for us..

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