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Well i am again you look eat big bull one hundred ten pounds a germanbased analogy the slaphappy puppy with a snappy jan that chases away them blue yeah man that's the idea bob everybody joined well they're appointing thing happened to me on me way down here tonight showers i was north the by a panhandler it came up to me in new york oh you're at either wearing hand lim heck was jeans the only thing happened to me on my way we are a simple europe bum would zip buying yeah that that popular door two man perennial favorites abstain sprain and radio appearing for the first time anyway a what the kids will bring that go ahead indian love god eurodac yes mm yes homecoming yeah i look yes yonhap gene broke down early bird won't show well why at your why don't you think it's intentional wasn't admirably yes i like get you give them no it with great keep both people really love you it madam from durant near weather they know idlib their crump dodgy i think they're wonderful people yes and friendly and and they seem to represent all walks of life yet the death rich man the woman date man date yeah i think they're really good at jiang's want about the european threat but don't you miss these people ocoee why now late sentimental i get along with adam i got a little challenge plated naked wicket when you lean i say hello bagasora's that's nice yet again yarmuth dodge i got a little goingaway present by you to lock in half from the most thanks that he thought it thank thank again remind me that place i'll gangs jiang said i think we must not going he man upi key they really not new don't they upi buyer leapt up big now on i'll never mentally ill cry i guess you're right i'm sorry but might places in bringing happiness fateful my thing need i really love me yeah that's duffy's tavern from january fifth 1945 archie starring archie gardner special guest jinx falk in bergen also in the cast sandra gould charlie cancer and eddie green hope you enjoyed that let's take a break when we come back it's the offence yourself fill up marlow john phil away more hall with 360 after these.

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