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President trump nominated Texas Republican congressman John Ratcliffe as the next director of national intelligence this is not the first time Radcliffe's name has been associated with the job in July the president announced Radcliffe for the job but then he pulled the nomination over accusations Radcliffe embellished parts of his resume well joining us live to talk more about a WTOP national security correspondent JJ green J. J. for a lot of folks might need their memories refreshed who is John Radcliffe yeah he just said that he's a congressman from Texas from the Eastern District of Texas stand down he was the nominee for this position last July from the president but that nomination had to be pulled because of some embellishment as you said Hillary of his resume and one of the interesting developments here is that this is the second time around and a part of the problem the first time around was there was bipartisan concern about him padding his resume and so him being back in this situation again begs the question what's going to be different what is the change he was very vocal very vocal proponent in the president's corner during the impeachment hearings so there are many who were wondering whether or not he's going to be essentially a person who makes changes there based on what it is the president wants as opposed to what the intelligence community wants if he gets the job of course there was also some bipartisan concern last time over what people thought might be his lack of qualifications so what are his go ations regarding national extra security experience well he does have national security experience because in two thousand four he was appointed by president George W. bush he was the chief of anti terrorism and national security for that Eastern District of Texas and he was later U. S. attorney there so there is some intelligence experience some national security experience the question some might have is is it the right kind for the office of the director of the national director of national intelligence considering what their mandate is and how big that operation is yeah we we talked about the the resume problems last time around we do you have any insight on you know what's what's all this items word that that might have been to the disqualifier last time around my memory is fuzzy on that but there was some then and there were some questions about what exactly he did and what exactly took place so this is sure to come up again and all of our memories will be refreshed because being the nominee he's going to have to go through this nomination process again and is probably going to be done in a very public way considering where we are with the D. N. I.'s office right now JG thanks so much you're welcome WTOP national security correspondent JJ green will talk national spring training next six fourteen message and data rates may apply individual results very exclusions apply contacts and glasses are such a hassle I'd love to finally get lay sick but I'm going to stop you right there if.

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