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The lowly royals Yankees able to respond and the eighth pitches into the air to degrade, Centerville at balls Bye bye birdie and a Yankee bullpen right Tie the. Game what a big homerun. Run Harry is the. Birdman of New York homers the right, center the Yankees tied the game at four. Greg bird tying things with that solo, shot Aaron Hicks added a go at sacked fly later in the inning, is, the. Yankees, rallied by the royals five four John sterling. The call right here on the. Fan roll this Chapman shutdown save. Number. Twenty seven Shane Robinson is. First Yankee Homer SEC Tabatha impact your decision he'll out two runs over four and two-thirds, meanwhile game. One that went the Kansas City ten fives they founded Luis Severino six runs in four and a third, in his last four starts eight, point eight four in the season for him and but he has everything to to right the ship and we gotta we gotta find those little adjustments, he can make, and, get him rolling again Aaron Boone on yes Giancarlo Stanton. Went deep in that one is twenty four four games set wraps up. Today g. makes his bomber debut against Burch Smith pre-game. Comes your way at twelve twenty. Five Yankees now five and a, half, hours the Red Sox hammered the twins ten four. Bombers also made a move after, the game they they trade Chasing shreve and Giovanni guy he. Goes to the cardinals in exchange for first baseman and international slot money meanwhile similar story. For Jacob degrom That's a fair Mercer comes into store Fraser. Digging for second Poulson with an RBI Donald his third Pirates. Went onto. Blank the Mets five nothing Gary. Cohen the call picks eleven the ground the lab, three runs with five caves over seven. But the Mets could scratch anything across he's now five and six Jeff Williams. Scattered five hits over six scoreless scoreboard Don. Baxter over the Padres nine four cardinals the, Cup six to dodger finish the Braves five one Marlin, survived the nationals. To one in ten red south. Philly. Six to brewers drove the giants seven. One back in the Tigers have better the. Indians to one Orioles punish the raise, eleven to Rangers down the Astros seven three of the, White Sox dumped the Blue Jays nine five angels rip the Mariners five nearly..

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