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Names of the 2753 victims was recorded at the official commemoration, Remond Brent Hearst and read in person at an alternate ceremony nearby, isn't it just That we read their names out loud. The remembrance of one unimaginable event altered by another Aaron Carter. Ski ABC NEWS New YORK Now locally, Governor Charlie Baker today at the State House of lowering the American flag to half staff, remembering the victims from Massachusetts and across the country in those attacks 19 years ago, Lieutenant Governor Karen Palito, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, attorney general More Healy, all coming together to read the names of the 206 victims from Massachusetts. Now tonight at five o'clock, the Massachusetts fallen firefighters memorial ceremony will be held this year as it always is, but this time around, it will be virtual because of covert 19. 12 47. Other stories were watching today, of course, the virus, causing plenty of employment disruption. Many of us now out job hunting in a pretty tough economy, but W W. B C's Jim McKay explains. It's important to know your right. If you have kids balancing a job search with kids learning remotely can be tough. But remember, it's none of a potential employers. Business perspective Higher meant all the other requirements, but was not offered the job because she is a mother. I would encourage that person to seek the advice of a lawyer, ELISA filming is apart. Nerd Rodman Employment Law, which deals with many situations that arise in the workplace. And with the threat of covert 19 older perspective, employees can also be susceptible to discrimination. There's attention here because the CDC has identified those who are over 65 or older being at a greater risk of contracting Cove it nonetheless, the employer cannot make any decisions about the person's employment or employability, based on their age. Always know your rights, and if something arises, you can always seek legal advice. Jim McKay W. B. C. Boston's news radio last night the NFL kick Of the 2020 season in Kansas City, But it was the fans who lit up social media around 17,000 Chiefs fans filed into Arrowhead Stadium for a mast and socially distance start to the NFL season. The Chiefs were on the field during the national anthem, while the Houston Texans remained in the locker room when the Texans emerged from the tunnel at the conclusion of the anthem, please join us in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country. Then came the booze has heard on NBC. Chief's quarterback Pat Mahomes. After the game. I.

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