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Right. Karen? Thank you so much. Listening to morning show. Help us another story. Karen, head before revolves around this you make your own definition. How do you feel about operationally suitable when you're lying? That's good enough. Now, they got they got the feds. Now talking about it. I do you have the cut for metro. Yeah. There you go. Aviation guy. They're talking about. Yeah. This is the FAA Boeing software fix for its new seven thirty seven max, airliner operationally, suitable. That's the big debate before the seven thirty seven max returns to the nation. Skies says it will require pilots to undergo additional computer or ipad training on the m Cass anti-stalking system that doesn't seem like a big surprise additional training. Maybe they don't wanna have to go through it. I don't know how much they have to train. Anyway, maybe they're sick of that. But still you'd have to figure this much of a shutdown now more trainings on the way. Right. And they've probably already been through it to be honest with you. Or they're getting through all of the pilots that fly this plane now what is operating Lee suitable mean as far as a computer software fixed goes good enough or totally fine passed all the tests. What does that mean? No me. Neither better be passed. All the tests. Maybe you know, operationally means maybe computer, simulations it works. Well, right. Okay. So like in the pilot behind bright, the controls doesn't work. But apparently, they've asked pilots is the smartest move move of all jammed the FA FAA at least in this country, asking pilots for their input that fix this. What's been wrong in the first place? So we have the level we have today because of that transparency that opened give and take with operators pilots mechanics. Boy, I would've loved to be a fly the wall where these pilots let them know about this plane. Geez. Well, we'll see. Talked to my ex we found out what was going on. But not that's worth that. All right. Like my job, but not that much. No. Architects, by the way, if you're looking if you think you have a design for what these spires should look like on top of Notre Dame when they rebuild the cathedral. There is now an international competition going on to come up with the new spire. This is going to be a mess. It's going to be I'm sorry. I think you're right. You know, because we started talking about how the style houses were getting in a more or less a bidding wars to who's gonna give more money. So what about Louis Vuitton Louis Vitton on one side because she on the other those the two spires? And so there was together they came up with more than three hundred million dollars. So is that what's going to happen? They're gonna do dual spires one. We'll say she she one. We'll say Louis. Yeah. In neon right? Oh god. You know, we can only hope the Catholic church does not stoop to the level of selling parts of this cathedral. Okay. Many factors already and it's only been really a full day. Of news or people digested this. Right. First of all, let's go at the first part. They've raised a billion with a B billion dollars recovery. That's incredible. This means it this way. I don't want to sound mercenary. But they were putting like a few hundred million dollar renovation six point eight million on the spire. They don't have to pay for anymore. That's done. There's no more innovation. Okay. Okay. And the churches and coming up with most of this money. This is private donations corporations, and fashion designers and exactly what is you know, what I haven't seen. But usually, you know, when there's something tragic like this happens some star. We'll get behind something. Right. I'm surprised, you know, actresses or actors from France haven't gotten together to put together like a video that safe. You donate here. You can do this unless they have. And we haven't heard about it or I don't know diocese eight hundred numbers, I don't know who's collecting with the baskets. Here's the here's the question. What's the who's the first famous actor, you think of that's Catholic? That's free. Edge. Rated what's that guy's name. Pardo there. Only one have you seen him lately. So good looking. Yeah. Up we need donations for that guy's health and diet plan is what we need forget about him who van Damme. No, he's he's from Brussels. Yeah. Yeah. I I don't know many French actors. That's true. Internationally. They, you know, I don't know. The girl who was in. I can't remember name right now shoot. She was in the Davinci code that girl. That's right. He's about it. But that's true. But a billion and Emmanuel Macron is putting five year moratorium on this whole thing. So okay quick. They'd better come up with they say, it's going to be done and more grand before within five years, and it'll have a hopefully a fire system in like a water system. Maybe throw some sprinklers time that work, please. They got. No, they you know, what just thank God. No one was inside the cathedral. What mazes say saved the crown of thorns? They save of Saint Louis who was the Saint who carried the crown of thorns. They also saved part of the cross that Jesus was crucified on that was in the cathedral and the nail that held him to the cross. So okay. I'm gonna go these at Notre Dame. Gotta go little conspiracy theory on you here. Okay. Okay. Ever this two they saved everything value. Okay. No humans were around. No. Nobody was hurt. Okay. Right. It was a renovation project. Underway already. Okay. We know that I don't know who it was. But somebody insured this thing. Oh, do you really think I'm not saying that I'm just raising money? Oh my God. Maybe I'm thinking to American on this. Will you buy the mortgage? Wow, variable. I'm not saying that I'm just raising to call that Italian later. That's besides the point. Wow. Wow. Was right. Yeah. I don't I don't know. People are really, you know, what though it makes sense. I I don't know. I'm not saying that I'm just questioning extra billion billion already. This is going to be you know, what when they do the grand reopening. The it's going to be phenomenal. Better get over there. You better say some he's been strangely silent thing as the rest of the world. And how this is reported in the media is saying a historical piece of architecture church. It's the Catholic church, and they refused to say that for some reason. I don't know what one of the first things I told you. Say this is the Catholic church. Exactly, right. Me off. All right. We got more headlines talk about next and beautiful Florida open. It's coming from the villages, very special place near Orlando say minstrel, all he's he something. All right. 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