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Got booed. You got bamboozled so if we are going to see apple tv or excuse me apple arcade stuff announced. It's going to be soon. I think potentially maybe even at w. deb. Now we may not ever hear anything about this but clearly. It's something that apple's various convince you don't know You know that that first brumer. Wow i read the translation and what we talk about sketchy i mean. Gee whiz did you read it on. The original korean leader screen is somewhat. And this guy. How what kind of This guy he popped fudge he popped up two years ago and said they were gonna put an a fourteen chip in the apple tv. Which i guess at that time was i mean. That's pretty amazing prognostication. When they're you know they've been putting those a series chips into the previous hardware so Part i think is predictable. But the second part. I dunno okay. I'm going to let's see here. I'm going to apple track. And let's see if he's on here. I think he is macrumors. I don't see him on here. But i think he is on here somewhere. Yeah run. there is darius he's seventy nine point three percent according to you apple track for twenty nine rumors so that's not nothing. Okay not that. So he's not at the bottom but he certainly. He doesn't have a lot of rumors under his belt. I think that's the big problem. But he's got some and he's got almost eighty percent for his track record so far and you got you got to keep in mind. I mean he. He said that we were going to get an apple. Tv with an eight twelve. I think this two years ago and then it happened. Two years later it happened now. That's a pretty. That's a pretty profound prediction. Two years ahead of time to know what ship is going to be going into. What because apple could use any chip apple. Tv is not like an iphone. They're not going to always put the most cutting edge technology into it so for you to it's going to have an eight twelve. It seems like you have a specific piece of knowledge there and and that you can provide otherwise you might guess it would be. Some kind of newark was the next stop at the time. Why think the previous apple tv. I think had the eight and have to look into that. I think it was the ten. So i was just twenty nineteen and he and he said h twelve and when did it come out well last month. That was my thought. Is that you know he was just saying it's like saying. Oh look you know. The next apple iphone is gonna fifteen chip in it right. Which is doesn't seem to be much of a league. So did you cut member for two years ago. What was what was what. Yeah me either but we have a. I can't believe this is happening. Live on the show. We have a hot tip from someone in the chat. Rob jackson says. I think we'll get 'em three in the mac in two thousand twenty. Five guys we gotta get this uncultivated.

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