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Here every Cherie talking money and investment to you, But Steve from sex will call Then he wants to know what I mean by a warrant. For nervous Capital stock. Okay, No, this capital is one of the stocks and our special situation list. There is special acquisition company a SPAC and it's going to convert into a company called Happy harvest, a PP harvest, and the conversion is going to happen in just a few weeks, pointing to information sources now. What is apt Harvest app Harvest is a company that has the largest indoor under roof forming program in the world. 50 acres under roof Right now, they're just getting started. They're in eastern Kentucky. Why in the world eastern Kentucky? Well, glad you asked for three reasons. One In eastern Kentucky, You are 2024 hour drive. From 70% of the United States population That's very, very important when you're delivering fresh produce for two reasons. Obviously, you get the freshest produce possible and They can wait. And if they're growing tomatoes, which they are, they can wait to the last second to pick them at full right. This. They don't have to worry about picking a tomato in Mexico, where many of the grown now because they have a two week travel plans, so they pick them green. Now they pick ripe tomatoes number two. They hired an initial 300 employees in eastern Kentucky for their started program out of 8000 applications. This is coal mining country, so there's a strong labor force that wants to work. And the third reason is the technology used to grow veggies with his process requires recycled rainwater, and there's a preponderance. Of rainwater and eastern Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky's there because of rain water because it's us within a 24 hour drive 70% of the population. And Excuse me. There's a large and willing workforce available now. You can buy nervous capital Now you can't buy at harvest because he has an inverse is gonna get hurt in a few weeks. But you buy no the capital right now. You could buy this stock, which is around $25 a share or You could buy Nova capital warrants on the warrants. Give you the right To buy one share. Of Nova Capital. At $11 share. And the Warrens closed on Friday at $9.39. So you can control one share of Nova capital or at harvest. With $99.39 dollar investment or a $25 investment I'd rather through the $9.39 dollar investment. Now, all warrants have maturity date. He's mature. I believe in 2000 and 27. We have plenty of time. For that warrant not to expire. That's what you have to watch when you're buying a warrant, so it's an option to buy a stock at a lower price as the the conversion happens into at harvest. The Nova capital will change its name to apartments and change his stock symbol. Probably the AP P. And We think this added attention. We'll focus the stock hire out to things that make us to mention about Apophis, number one, Martha Stewart's on their board of directors. And A gentleman named Michael Lee. Was just made the new president of half our wish. Michael Lee was the former chief financial officer of Impossible Foods to giant veggie Burger Company. So they've got solid people working in this company. Big money backing them. I think it's going to make sense and personally. No, no offense, the Mexican tomatoes, but I'd rather eat a Kentucky tomato than a Mexican. Made in the off season anyway, so that's a warrant..

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