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Two months after Dr Roger Brownback and his wife. Mary were murdered in their Home Omaha. Detectives flew to Indiana ready to make an arrest. Their target was a former CREIGHTON. Med School Resident Dr Anthony Garcia. The detectives had arranged to have a SWAT team and forensic technicians on hand in Terre Haute. When they made the arrest Kersey is home but once their plane landed. That plan changed after we landed in Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon and turn their phones back on. We would observe that all of a sudden. Dr Garcia Cell Phone is no longer and Tara hope and he was mobile and he was traveling South Through Illinois. Which gave us obviously some concern. Because you thought he was headed where we didn't know exactly what was possible that he would return the next day so we kind of put our plans on hold hoping that he would return to his residence and we would affect does arrest at his residence fortunately to FBI agents who've been working with the Task Force were closer Illinois. They eventually found Garcia at a hotel off the interstate. Our hope was that in the morning he would get up and go home and we could grab there but that morning of course When the FBI agent Scott out he again was on the move and headed south. They missed him. They missed him and now he's truly in the wind. Yes reporter Todd Cooper would later learn that for three hours. All agents had to go on. Were Pink every thirty minutes from Garcia cellphone? They're going one hundred miles an hour. The Next Ping comes in a half hour later. And He's behind so now will you turn and we speed back. And they're scanning the southbound lanes and they finally find him tucked in behind a semi. And you know the wave of relief. That must've come over them with the help of Illinois State Troopers Garcia was finally pulled over although it was only eight thirty am. He had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. The trooper said that has breath smelled of booze and then when he went to had to relieve himself. That that smell booze as well. Garcia was arrested on the spot for driving under the influence from his car. Police recovered a cell phone. A forty five caliber pistol fifty bullets a crowbar and a sledge hammer. He told COPS later on a road trip. Nora New Orleans but had no luggage and then the most challenging thing to me was in that back seat was an Lsu lab coat and a stethoscope investigators knew Garcia had been fired from lsu shreveport in two thousand eight. Was He on his way to confront doctors. They're only Anthony Garcia knows. He clammed up on Omaha. Detectives tried to talk with him. We introduced ourselves as detectives from the Omaha Police Department and that we were investigating homicides in our jurisdiction and Mr Garcia immediately asked for an attorney. That's it that's it. I mean at that point as an investigator. I can't continue questioning later that afternoon. Omaha police chief. Todd smarter steps before the cameras to the victim making the announcement that his city had been desperately waiting to hear arrested. This morning was Dr Anthony. Joseph Garcia for four counts of first degree murder and use of a weapon to commit the murders for the families of Roger and Mary. Brownback of Tom Hunter. And of Surely Sherman. The arrest was very welcome news. I'm at Walmart with my kids and Danny calls me and they made an arrest in the case and I think I forgot about twenty thirty items on my grocery shopping list because I was real happy and just had one of the carton rushed out of the grocery store and wanted to go home and watch the news with Anthony. Garcia's arrest Jeff. Hunter says he and his parents felt as if they could finally stop looking over their shoulders. I mean for five years. They're super paranoid. 'cause I mean for all we knew for all I always thought about. Was someone still trying to find my dad? Because that's that was always my hunch that someone was after either my mom or dad. Investigators dispatched to Anthony. Garcia's home in Tara. Indiana saw the outward sign posts of success. The house sat on a quiet street with a Ferrari in the drive but inside the house was practically empty bear rooms bear closets and barely any food in the living room. Detectives found a table stacked with financial documents mortgage information and insurance policies. Anthony Garcia was broke. His home facing foreclosure lit appeared to us that he had made some deliberate attempt to kind of lay things out so people could get his affairs in order. And we see those things homicide investigators when you investigate suicides so wherever he was headed when you arrested him maybe that was going to be his last journey anywhere. Those are thought that that was going to be as N. Game in addition to the documents taken from Garcia's home investigators had to go through all the data collected from his electronic devices. Cell phones tablets. Computers it is. I cloud account. You could see from his financial records that he was regularly going to alcohol stores that he was spending a lot of time at gentlemen's clubs in or around tear. Hoedt he was not working regularly so it looked to us. Collectively like his life was was falling apart. Hardly what Garcia's parents had envisioned for their son when he was growing up in southern California. Anthony Garcia's father. Fred worked for the postal service. His mother Stella a nurse had been born in Mexico. It was a proud moment. They told reporters when in nineteen ninety nine. The eldest of their three children graduated from medical school. There's a great poignant moment where Frederick Garcia and Anthony pile his belongings literally has an Radley Old van and drive across the country from California to upper state New York to start his medical career. How proud he must have been at that moment. A what started as the American dream was turning into something unthinkable if convicted of murdering four people Dr Anthony Garcia now forty years old face the death penalty who alleged motive. Revenge forgetting bad job recommendations with my wife got a murder case. We've got to get up and find a center for the kids husband and wife Defense Team Big City lawyers with a few big surprises. There were so many other people with means motive and opportunity. That could have committed this.

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