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They were often kept as pets in the sixty seventies and they were already at risk of being endangered even by the time they were first recognized as a species in the nineties this guy ricky gums he said the turtle takes a long time to reach sexual maturity up to twenty five to thirty years and as their vulnerability was discovered late we lost a whole generation due to the pet trade and now they're population has become very small to put this to give you some perspective on this whole pet trade situation every year for like ten plus years over fifteen thousand mary river turtle hatchlings were sent to pet shops across australia and since humans were pillaging their nest sites to get these hatchlings we have successfully driven the species to the brink of extinction so wait a go no other turtle in the world is even closely related to these things because it diverged from modern turtles around forty million years ago for some perspective we humans we only diverged from chimps and bona bows less than ten million years ago if you're into science so these fuckers are very very old ancient as a result the mary river turtle it has features that no other turtles have like a super long tail which can grow up to seventy percent longer than the linked of its shell and those chin fingers that we mentioned earlier which they used a fuel around the soft riverbed of the mary river.

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