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To play in the upcoming WNBA season. Stay with WTO for more about these stories in the coming half hour. It's 8 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, Rick McClure is in the WTO P traffic center. It looks like those delays are starting to fade away to both treat now on the interleukin merrifield headed north through Tyson's the volume is now off and on after I 66 we had a crash involving several vehicles from last hour on the envelope before a route one 23 chain bridge road. That was cleared in both the main and express lanes. The issue is now gone, but you can expect delays as a result off and on as I said before and very heavy on that ramp from I 66 on the westbound side approaching the envelope, and we're checking on that brush fire on the analytic near central avenue on the Maryland side that could be drawing some attention along the right side of the roadway so far, nothing found yet, but authorities are checking for it. 9 to 70 no problems there, 95, the BW Parkway do a lot of free flowing, rode 50 is well, both inside and outside the beltway, good across the bay bridge, three lanes east and two lanes west still have water main repairs in Germantown affecting copper road before tech road still has a single lane getting by in all directions over in Virginia 66 free and clear except for that westbound ramp to the inner loop three 95, heaviest volume slowdown there is still on the northbound side from after boundary channel just as you approach the 14th street bridge, I 95 bits of volume along the northbound side, starting to clear through parts of Dale City and woodbridge, slow along the southbound side through Stafford, have the crash reported near the Stafford exit in all cases it may be along the right shoulder now. Northwest mass avenue still shut down both ways at Mount Vernon square. There's an event around the convention center between 9th and tenth streets. Rick McClure will be traffic, storm team four four day forecast, and here's Chad Merrill. We got a nice evening and overnight shaping up as a matter of fact when you wake up, it'll be right around the freezing mark with 20s outside the capitol that way, and a

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