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Here's John King Katie I guess first as a party go back in the past years to this year once again to close games which is to get it done this year and I was very frustrated slows me starts with this this whole group Sam approaches I've always taken I don't really think much about that stuff come to work today and and do are they can to help our team have a great time preparation for Sunday and that's the that's we try to instill in our football team that kind of mentality that kind of focus Jackson frustrated and Jason is out barring a miracle fatally me in for Jake Hey that's one of our hot storylines appeal than talking about now for the last couple of weeks frankly playoffs or not the cowboys have mass of decisions that they're gonna have to make in the off season and the biggest one is who's gonna be the next coach and certainly Jason Garrett by the way in the NFL isn't the only coach without a contract for twenty twenty but he's one of those visible coach is when you coach America's team and you coach a team that's worth almost five billion dollars the most of any NFL franchise yeah you're gonna get a lot of calm vote when it's been happening for awhile now like he has a hundred lives because it's crazy every year for the past five years there's been discussion about Jason Garrett and falling short and not being the right guy and what do they need it and who would be the better coach to be there for dak Prescott NZ go well it and some of these younger players and the future for the Dallas Cowboys yada yada the story lines as far as the the players and the defense the offense in the coordinators I mean that goes deep deep deep deep deep but it starts at the top so Jerry Jones has decisions to make along with his sons the sun Stephen Jones who is the chief operating officer and V. P. for player personnel and they he helps make the final decision and I do believe he does lean on Stephen Jones what will happen in this game against the Redskins I think that they'll destroy the red skins but the Philadelphia Eagles hold the keys to the kingdom because of the eagles win it doesn't matter what the cowboys do against the red skins the season's over and then the changing of the guard be officially begins I also believe even if the eagles lose and the cowboys go on to play the winner of that San Francisco Seattle game no matter what happens really boring getting to the NFC championship game I don't think they care it's back on honestly I think some fans even if they got to the championship game and lost would still want Garrett gone minutes gotten that bad that none of the fans are two stepping around it anymore they're taking a page from hardcore New York fans and there's out saying we want this hi done we want somebody else there bring somebody else in urban Meyer he's there the former college coach for Ohio state there's a long list of possibilities so there are certainly plenty of people to choose from but there's no question from the fan's perspective they need to choose somebody else it's not completely clear if the cowboys are completely miserable about Jason Garrett or even if they're horribly unhappy which is shocking about his performance this season especially when you think about a team that's so loaded and you can talk about certain injuries but they haven't had that many the team's lost five of their last eight games coming into this game with the red skins how do we lose to the to the jets to the winless jets hello how does that happen how do they lose to Philadelphia when the Philadelphia franchises had so many frustrations this past year and forget that just in the game itself all they had to do was step up and win and they had opportunities and then they would have won the NFC east and they would be in this position of trying to back into the playoffs so as we get you set get ready for a really interesting finality to the NFL season this is absolutely one of the big stories and it's also biggest who wins the NFC east because you know that's part of obviously what's going to happen here in the playoffs it is going to be the eagles are is going to be the Dallas Cowboys and then what do they do next week I've talked to enough coaches to know that despite what I'm saying here what many will say is but wait a second wait a second when you get into the postseason it's like another season it's you ramp up differently things are different it's a whole different deal and there are Cinderella teams are are teams that can come up and look at what happened a couple years ago with the Philadelphia Eagles never won a Superbowl they they were the complete underdogs all the way through in a step up from when they in in that case they had that thing called momentum it was like a snowball and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger and in the case of this year with that end of C. east winner I don't think either franchise but by the way the cowboys or the eagles have that potential I don't even though every coach will call it a different season the season's over an hour into season number two because this is about the playoffs the players are different one and done and all that stuff but I don't think either team is capable of going very far however with the Philadelphia Eagles they're not gonna make a coaching change there they're not going to they're not going to say goodbye to Doug Peterson because of what's happened the last couple years but of course coming off of the Superbowl win and then Nick Foles gone free agency the back up and and Carson once knee injuries and all that stuff he's not in danger at all verses what's happening of course with the franchise that's the most valuable and has one of the worst coaches you can say in the NFL the worst not so sure as giant fans about Schirmer and the frustrating two years they've had and then we can throw at a whole bunch of others we would talk about their frustrations as well but Garrett's had a long time when you get that much time you know what would be like if you like if you're the from a business perspective you're if you're the CEO of a profitable company that has its intentions of making of whatever it is next another billion another ten million in the previous year and in the next year and then the year after that could you do that for casting thing and as you do in football you forecast you look ahead you look at the teams you look at the schedule all that you look at the draft and if you allow somebody to sit in that position as the leader as a CEO of a company and it wasn't profitable what do you tell your shareholders they want you out you're gone you're done because the shareholders are furious the shareholders in this case are the fans the fans not happy tired of this whole deal with Jerry Jones and the stranglehold on the team he is the owner but allowing this franchise to continue the way that it has are they really America's team anymore I was on a flight maybe about the couple weeks ago and the person sitting next to me had ties to the patriots organization somehow we gotten one of those quick conversations about football and you know how that happens when you're on a plane so but because I was reading the sports page or something and we got into this conversation so it was was interesting because he said to me you know what the you're going back to Dallas if they're not America's team anymore America's team is the patriots because the patriots win and the patriots have the right name in the right time and it's it's not America's team anymore the Dallas Cowboys and I think a lot of fans are feeling that way that they want to claim that Mansell and they want to get back year after year into the playoffs and be relevant and take players like dak Prescott who by the way is dangling without a deal but I think he gets one Ezekiel Elliott and and the rest of the players that they have although they've got lots of of spots they've got to worry about they have a ton of were unrestricted free agents and all that kind of stuff but regardless with the talent the raw talent they have on the team did not getting there the frustration level is beyond I could almost say that of all the fans in the league they may be the most frustrated by the.

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