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Still right now. It just feels like the issues they're fighting over are pretty basic, right? It's like, how much do rookies get paid? How many years of team control did the clubs have? It's not like arcane stuff. It's the same stuff they always fight over. And the idea that they didn't just get together and say, hey, we got to resolve this real fast. You want this, we want this, let's meet exactly in the middle and move on. And try to present peace. I mean, the one thing you can say about budget is he presided over peace, labor peace for a long time. And now you have this, you have for the first time in a while, this the workforce being like, hey, you guys have been manipulating Chris Bryant got held back in kindergarten, you know? And everyone knew what was happening and Theo up so you had to come out and say, no, you know, it's just about the right roster for the right. And everyone knows what you're doing. You're keeping him in the minors for a month to get another year of control. They've now done that every guy on the Yankees. This is what drives me crazy. Every one of those guys is arbor. Every one of them. And even like Luke voigt, like all those guys, they manipulated the service time to get an extra year of control, which makes them more valuable in trades and it makes them able to Aaron judge isn't going to hit free agency until he's 31 or something. So it's like the players have a point here. It's like everyone has always looking how are these greedy players trying to be even greedier? No, the players are right. Like the players, the management has been screwing them over and manipulating them in every way they could. And so whatever, just get over it. Like, concede on that stuff that you know you've been doing and players don't demand 800 grand for a rookie year salary takes 6 50 and let's play the game because otherwise you're just gonna disappear. That's my fear. Yeah, how about just when you're a rookie or a rookie and that's your first season? Like we're watching, I don't know, any of the rookies in the NBA right now. Nobody's like, ah, I have the mobile service time. The calves wouldn't play him for the first month because they want to move his contract a year back. Imagine if the grizzlies had been able to put John morant into the G league for a month. And then they got extra year of control. Like, imagine how crazy that would be. They would go crazy at that, yeah. It's nuts. And it's, as usual, it's just, I feel like baseball's role in my life. Really since 1994 was to just tell me fuck you. It is many places of possibly could, just to make me feel bad, they made the games longer. They've screwed up the southern stuff. They've gone on strike. They cancel the World Series. They just have complete inequity between the big markets and the smaller markets, then they fix that. But then the big markets were like, we're making so much money. We'll just we'll just trade Mookie betts. Yeah. And our fans will accept it because we've done right by them in the past. It's just over. I know where we see this stuff pretty similarly. Yeah. I mean, there's also the, let's take the braves out of Atlanta, move them to the suburbs, even if no one wants us to, just because we think there are too many black people in the stands. And the answer is always like, they'll get over it. Baseball's attitude is like they'll get over it. I mean, to be fair, that's every leagues. That's the NFL's attitude too about most of the stuff is like, yeah, they'll come back. The problem is that in baseball, people are coming back. The dwindling numbers of people, the increasing median age of the baseball viewer. I mean, I'm 46 years old. I'm the youngest person I know who regularly watches baseball except for maybe my kid. So I feel like their attitude of like it'll be fine, they'll come back isn't true anymore and they don't realize it. And that's a problem. Wait, is your kid actually watching baseball like they're in the weekend stuff? He's sitting in front of a television watching like the 6th inning of a game? You know, a couple of years ago, yes, you know, he's a middle school now, as a year, son. And so now it's like they're texting with their friends and FaceTiming in their on TikTok. And then he goes outside and shoots baskets in the backyard. He's not doing the thing that I did when I was his age. If there was a game on, when we were kids, you sat and you watched the whole thing. You sat dutifully through the commercial. You're going to do that. You have to do, yeah. But that's the problem, right? Is that that's not the case for our kids. They have 8 million things that they want to do that are fun and interesting and create dopamine in their brains. So they're not going to sit there and watch a brewers cuds game in April. It's just not going to happen. And then there's the Hall of Fame, which we should also talk about, which is a mess. Yeah, let's go. I had one last point. Yeah. I felt like last year and you know this because we were on a.

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