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The influence of of what was going on in the country owned the rising that that was the you. You've already answered my next question. Is you know the live in. Barcelona is during the rising tour inside. Wondered if you understood the context of some of the songs that's from the rising you know And it isn't totally about nine eleven but it certainly you know influenced him in. There was a lot in there so did did that. Kind of sparked the english fan in you like. Oh this is. He's actually discussing historical events. You know social events yes absolutely Think again you know nine. Eleven when nine eleven. I actually took place. I was only eleven years old right. Tom on so i remember the images vividly At about time and so on But as you say it was probably than starting to delve into the rising and so on and understand this is a man who comments on historical on the social And there is a great deal of social comb entree and personal commentary going on within versus music and his lyrics on. I think the clicked with english side of things for me. Well as someone who has you know you're you're young man. You have found that poetry is speaking to you. Do you think that in this is kind of an obvious question but the lyrics and how well he portrays a story in his songs did that. Do you think that really spoke to you. Once you got into it as someone. Who's reese who was exploring poetry. Yeah absolutely so. I i would say that. Probably woman setting aside the music. Because i absolutely love the music being today of the street. Bond book collectively on individually. Because i i always had a fascination for piano and drums and whenever i was younger we frankly couldn't afford a piano or for me to like take up piano lessons and stuff like that I didn't do that until kind of lake. Secondary skill started to work on key And things like that. So i've kind of thought funds nation. I suppose if i was picking some of my favorite songs they are very much piano drum driven. I guess But if we if leaves site the music then definitely. It's the lyrics. it's the dre. It's the narrative that bruce's able to construct on her he's able to say something so succinctly in the same way suppose much as as portrayed does on yet it's it's like a sledgehammer to you when you gross It just cuts deep or you just this moment of realization Moment of empathy moment of sympathy for the characters are just are able tay I suppose save yourself within There's something about something that speaks to you. The you do So you know you you discovered you know live at barcelona. Assume you started exploring other albums. Yeah absolutely Benefits you know going all the way back to the start of the discography And you know. I think maybe took me a little longer to warm to the first albums of of greetings in the wild but of course then whenever born to run hats and you follow on three born to run the you know the river nebraska. Born in the tunnel of love. Those are just. I'd of this. World is stunned nobles On there was there was always something within the In fact there were so many things within the. And i think that's where okay the sky isn't just sort of one trick pony where he's writing to buy something socially on one album i e the right. He's and this has been something that you can trace all the way through his career And i was like. I need to war. Yeah it is kind of.

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