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Said that he saw. Alien beings was in Helmand Jackie. That was over at is now Edwards Air Force bell. Okay. Morocco Morocco force. Yes. It was changed Edwards became more of a test center. I've been having this renaissance with looking up secret, bases secret places. And at the moment, there's a book that I'm looking into about Wright. Patterson air force base, the only facility that hasn't really been disclosed, as the, the landing spot for the Roswell crash for the Roswell debris alien bodies, and hangar eighteen and all of these different things that go on it at that Wright, Patterson Dayton. So I mean this type of stuff you know, brush up on your basis. Raleigh stuff stuff is held. Overripe patterson. I've only been base after the service, so I never had any contact their physicians over there. So I hadn't really no contact time, right? But I would trust that, you know, if President Trump. Has that he does. And his maybe that they see something out seen trying to go along with that right percents, something I don't think they know where it comes from right? So, so I wouldn't be surprised off world and a world. So your opinion yes or no exposure was disclosure or no. Closure was a self disclosure by the president. I think it's amazing. I think that this should be advised by a lot of people body language, everything. Like I said, it's been so long before we've had a sitting president without joking or snickering talking about aliens, and UFO's and openly talking about them. I mean he felt uncomfortable. I got into it and then of the said, well, if we will wait and see when we find out, you'll be the first to know he told George so. Thank you. And he is trying to make some attempts. Probably not very knowledgeable. Maybe that's never been an interesting. Yeah. It may not be an interesting is. I mean he's rich was here. Right. One thing if I could ask you, when you look at some photographs, some photographs through years, you know, are they truly correct German class that existed them? Photoshop I think probably they are what a lot of them are, are real. I think a lot of hannibal's pictures, the head of craft the flat craft if flying wing craft the Horta craft all of that, or are pretty much primary designs were taken from the lift WAFA, and they were working in the mountains. When creating these in a lot of people believe that there was possibly UFO crash somewhere on the Czech border on the polish border, and they're able to get that get that stuff out of there. From the initially and. Us designs retrofitted, and we're still year years now that they could have certainly improved design, and we were still retrofitting after Roswell, too. I mean, I'm not saying that there wasn't alien crash that happened there, it was certainly a crash of some special special aircraft, but it could have been the very same prototypes were being back, engineered after after the war, because it was forty three when the Nazi scientists came over Wernher von Braun and several others. And, you know, they were at Martin Marietta, Boeing all these places in the north west in the first UFO sightings, that happened in the nineteen forty seven sightings over Mario Puget Sound over mount rainier in Washington, and then Roswell happened in Roswell vice where talks about. Missile base. And was briefly as he was and, and, and right after today's day we're doing..

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