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This'll place has been kicked. It's been battered. It's been bruised, and I could sit up here and give you coach speak all day long. I could give you, you know. Hey, we're gonna win this many games. I can't. But none of that matters. And you guys don't wanna hear it. Anyway, You've had enough of that. So excuse my language. All right. There we go. That is a lion's head coach Dan Campbell. He starts off by saying, I'm not gonna give you coach speak and then gives us something like less actionable and way way weirder and we're still in the family hours, So I feel like it would be inappropriate to get to the next part where he starts eating people's Appendages, but we bring on the Steve Atwater toe. Ask him Mike Tyson a speech right if it was that speech make you want to run through a wall for that, dude. Not really. Not really. What which? Which part lost you where he started talking about eating decaf, sir, was what What? What? What? What Ruined it for you there, Steve. That man you say was it wasn't inspiring, man. I wouldn't kill him it did You think it was kind of corny? Because like for me when you hear a speech like that, and you get some of these, like sticky moments from coaches like the one we're Tony Sparano, we're not like had a burial service for that football like you either. Really, really love that. Or you think it's super corny? And like I can get up on the latter camp on that I'm saying it doesn't motivate me like what's up with this dude, man? Why am I here? Yeah. And, uh, yeah, I would tell a story about one of them one of my calls back and do it. I'm gonna put my black come on, Steve said that happened one time. We were in a locker room in the way the game and, uh, yeah. Course try to do something to get us fired up, and it just didn't work, man. Way had to break it off over. You got the way you know you got the brakes feed off of you. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. You gotta be careful with safety team before the game. Yeah, I was. I remember talking to Trevor Pryce. And I think I've shared this with you before we I think we even talked to him at one point, but he would always like we had him on after use with the Ravens. And he would talk about the Ray Lewis. You know, the X X man, you know, dance that he do coming out of the tunnel. Everything and he's like I just stood over on the sideline with rolling. My eyes is like none of that matters. If you can't get jacked up to play football, you were in the wrong profession. You know what that goes to show how there's so many different levels of players and then their mentality. Then you know the great coaches can reach All of the different players, you know is some way or another, because some guys they don't want to hear any music. They don't want you jumping up and down getting hyped, But other guys, man, I was like that I had to get height, man. I couldn't just I could just walk out on that field and go hit somebody, man. I had the idea they had to be into it, man. Yeah. What did you do? What was your break? It wasn't l cool J. Mama said, Knock you out. Yeah, OK. Yeah, right Singing. All right. Cool. I'm good with it. I would the other way with it. I I needed to calm down like a little Tuapse. I put on some some, like classical music here, like some pocket bells, cannon. Can I get a hot pocket fell. Can can I get you know is that he's got a string quartet to dial. I was I was too and I didn't want to crush my opponents too hard. So I mean, e can't even I Can't You ever meditate? Yeah, that was then I was like a Buddhist monk. Zander, you got raindrops falling and I feel like marriage on the mind or so the pocket elves can. I couldn't think of anything that was trying to come up with something. He did five bucks with this. I'm gonna go get married. That's what I'm doing. Boxing on in D minor hit. Somebody want to fund a gonna find that girl propose. She's alright. Already off the real Steve. It's good to have you on. We appreciate you joining us. We're having a fun car like I want to get your take on this because we're having a fun conversation last night. Got a lot of feedback today on Twitter about this. We're talking about the quarterback tears and this is something we you know, we used to do back in the day with Mason. We were talking about because everybody keeps saying Well, if you have a chance to go get a quarterback in the tear of the Shawn Watson. You'd go ahead and do that, because drew Black will never get to that tear. But the thing is, you can win football games with a quarterback in the next year. Plenty of teams don't have a top five quarterback back because there's 32 teams in the league. Math says. That's impossible. So do you think Drew lock can and will get to the next tier? Which would be like their car? Matt Ryan? Jared Goff, Can he get there going there Do you have? Do you have him with three or four? I have him in the lower thirds here. I haven't been in the tear that you're you're either looking. You're looking long at whether or not he is. Guy for you. He's developmental, or you need to bring in competition. That's the tear he's in right now. Yeah, And you know, I'll be honest man. I'm never one to underestimate the ability of a player to improve. Um, but it takes a lot, man. It takes a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of film study it takes. You know the right coaches, you know, pushing the right buttons to You'll make the guy I wanna be inspired to do it and then yeah, you gotta have skills to do it. I think he does have the physical skills to do it. The question is Will be put in the word you know, is his process of process that's going to get him to that next level. And you know all the are these the coaches that can get the best out of them. You know, that's that's always a question with every player man. Can your coach get the best out of you? And if you're close to get the best out of a man, you gotta go someplace else to play because there's somebody out there that could get the best out of them. You gotta hopefully Hook up with that person and hopefully that that person's CO Sula, But, you know, time will tell. But yeah, I think he can do it will be that zoo. Another thing That's on Sondra Locke. You know, the only quarterback tears I ever was worried about was when coach down the passing play, and I had to call it in the huddle. Everybody looked at me crying because they knew that was not gonna work out. Well, but when you were when you were out there playing right there played you talk about coaches get the best out of guys you saw. Did you ever see guys that you knew right away? You say Well, this guy's You know, your training can pick all this guy's not gonna How do you handle that? As a professional? Maybe you're saying a guy when you see him play and he's like you're not giving this up. You get in the campaign, you know, you know he doesn't have the ability. I mean, no matter what the coaches, you know, he doesn't have the ability. When you get in. There's a defensive player. Let's say you saw a quarterback in camp, Okay, I'm about to go pick this guy off before you get sent to the house to work as a banker. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, well, everybody kind of knew it. And, you know, I was forced to be on a team where our coaches and scouts everybody, you know? They were real man. They were. They weren't beating around the bush trying to, you know, keep everybody's feelings. Try to keep everybody happy, man. A good man. You're not gonna be here, bro. Zone, you know? Don't That's a good environment to be in when guys could be, I think sometimes now you know, I don't know if you know coaches and everybody are as honest with the players as they were back in the day. Um, you know that everybody is worried about hurting people's feelings. Uh, you know, at least in some organization, you know that I'm sure there are some organizations where they just straight up with you, man. I hate when you have a hard time making this team. Um and yeah, but way had guys like that..

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