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A car drove. Into a group of cyclists this morning outside parliament in London and I witness told the BBC a small hatchback appeared to deliberately drive into the bikers and then into a barrier I. Just outside, the, palace, of, Westminster, or the. Two houses of parliament meet coming out, of a vehicle Highspeed switch. In releaser is very dramatic images on social media show police leading a man in handcuffs. Away from the scene and paramedics treating the injured people none of those hurt appear to be in danger of, losing their lives Bronco's quarterback Chad, Kelly promoted at number two on the quarterback depth chart after his place Saturday night. Against the Vikings they had a great spring camp so it's his to be the two earned that right All right let's head coach Vance, Joseph Broncos and bear Saturday night. Our coverage of. Four kickoff at seven oh five aren't except beta five I'm Chad Hoffman on. KOA NewsRadio as you take to the main highways this morning, the ramp from county line road to northbound I twenty five is closed this morning for construction that's. Taking place also you got to ramp closure. On from university to eastbound c. four seventy and then on c.. Four seventy eastbound at Santa Fe then ramp is closed for roadwork. That's taking place you've. Got various lane closures on I seventy between ward rodents thirty-second. Young field and if you're heading out to the airport boulevard road work taking place at Jackson camp is consulting status. As narrows down to one lane the CBS four weather you can expect it to be sunny. Today high of eighty six tonight slows gonna drop down through pump sixty. Then tomorrow high,.

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