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The receive a discount rate cut across information intelligence because when it wasn't enough to six and one hundred thirty how often are people sophisticated cheaters when they go in there with the really know what they're doing and how often are these just drunk idiots the amateurs who are drunk or stupid are gonna get caught very easily but the professionals almost never get caught they make it read it out but their actual for a is sophisticated enough that they know when not to move they call it twenty in the suit recently with covered of someone who had a hidden camera up their sleeve you know call the dealer offers to cut to a player yeah they were actually recording groups of cards in order so we have to make things stolen somewhere near a hundred million dollars take about back to break like still I mean whatever that's the old days they don't do that the well I think the past the log and they they took all the fun of it the morning drugs with John Phillips in Julian barberry morning six to ten eighty seven ninety day ABC right seven nine days eight hundred three three two five two we were so very problematic story for influence is it Lewis right as well as a part of the I do.

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